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This article contains the letters sent by the parents, letters are listed in no particular order.

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Dear <name>, Well, I've finally dragged myself into the present and bought a portable gaming device! Now I'll never be bored again! I'm off to play now!  Mom
Dear <name>, I found this when going through my old clothes. It's not my style anymore, but maybe you'll like it. Thinking about you, Mom
Dear <name>, I found your old diary in your old room. Not that I would EVER read it, but it was locked anyway. Your secrets are safe! Mom
Dear <name>, I was putting a coat in storage when I found some money in the pocket! Don't you love it when that happens? Love, Mom
Dear <name>, I went on a trip with some friends of mine. Your dad held down the fort. And by "held down the fort," I mean he sat around in his sweatpants and ate pizza. I got this for you.  Mom
Dear <name>, Say, <name>, have you been eating right? As your mom, it's my job to worry. And to send you stuff. Eat well! Mom
Dear <name>, I fell asleep with my hair wet, and now it looks like one of those styles you kids like so much! Love, Mom
Dear <name>, The other day on the bus, a young man in crutches offered me his seat. I guess I'm not a spring chicken anymore. Oh, well.  Mom
Dear <name>, I wasn't thinking today and I accidentally made enough dinner for you, me, and your dad. Your dad solved the problem by eating for two. Love, Mom
Dear <name>, Your dad and I went on a trip to a nearby hot springs the other day. The water was perfect, and my skin feels wonderful! I'm all fresh faced!  Mom
Dear <name>, Now, what was I going to write you about... I know it was important, too. Oh, well. I'm sure it'll come back to me sometime. Where is my mind? Mom
Dear <name>, The man at the fruit stand called me "miss" the other day. We have so many apples now that I'm going to make applesauce. Love, Mom
Dear <name>, I'm going to toss your comics out because they're just taking up space. If you don't want me to, please come home and take care of them. I already read them! Mom
Dear <name>, Do you like pancakes or waffles better? Not that it really matters. They're all about the butter and syrup anyway! It's breakfast time! Mom
Dear <name>, I overslept this Sunday, and when I woke, it was already noon. Your dad and I had a leisurely brunch that day. Sleeping in is so nice. Mom
Dear <name>, My mom always said that chocolate's good for the soul. And she was so right! A gift for you! Love, Mom
Dear <name>, Your dad is teaching himself how to play the accordion, but right now, all it sounds like is "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAH! BWAAAH BWAAAH!" Yeesh! Love, Mom
Dear <name>, There's a song I often find myself humming during the day, but for the life of me, I can't remember the name. I hope not! Mom
Dear <name>, Do you think it's age? I was thumbing through an old family photo album the other day, and it made me really want to write you a letter. You were so cute!  Mom
Dear <name>, I made your favorite dish for dinner tonight! Prune casserole! Hee hee! I'm just kidding! I say blech to prunes! Mom
Dear <name>, Your dad and I have started jogging together in the mornings. I have to say, it's pretty funny watching your dad jog. And laughter is the best exercise! Love, Mom
Dear <name>, I just colored my hair, and now my hair's a beautiful brown! And underneath the brown, my hair's a beautiful silver! Love, Mom
Dear <name>, A delicious bakery just opened up really close by! I bought some lovely cookies to share with your dad, but I already ate half of them! Shh, don't tell him! Mom
Dear <name>, A letter I wrote you bounced back to me. I guess I forgot to write your address on there... Not this time though! Mom
Dear <name>, You got some mail here the other day. It's only junk mail, but I'll hang on to it if you think you want it. Love, Mom
Dear <name>, Your dad went fishing the other day, and the freezer is packed to the gills with fish! HA HA HA! See what I did there? Mom
Dear <name>, Your grandma sent me all this fruit from her orchard. I'm sending you some. There's no way we'd get through it all here. Eat it quickly! Mom
Dear <name>, Your dad decided he wanted to cook a meal for us the other day. It was delicious! I wish he'd clean, too. Mom
Dear <name>, I went to a huge early-bird sale at the mall the other day. The deals were good, but the crowds were so fierce, I got bumped and bruised. Shopping is scary! Mom
Dear <name>, I think I want to take a trip around the world when I get older. Every time I spin the globe, I get more excited! You want to come? Mom
Dear <name>, The other day when I was out, I came across a movie shoot. So, you might see me in the background as an extra! Your Mom
Dear <name>, I saw the most beautiful sunset today. It was pink and a dish of sherbet! , the movie star!Yummy and beautiful! Mom
Dear <name>, I looked up at the clear night sky and started connecting the stars. I made a constellation that looked like your face. I miss you, kiddo. Mom
Dear <name>, Tell me the truth, kiddo, do you think I'm too old to go down waterslides? I hope not! Mom
Dear <name>, I recently won a poetry contest at the community center! This letter might be worth lots of money someday! You never know! Hang on to it! Mom
Dear <name>, For some reason, I just can't stop sneezing! I hope I'm not getting sick! Sniffle! Love, Mom
Dear <name>, I've had the strangest tomato-soup craving lately. I've eaten it for three days straight now! Hope I don't turn red! Mom
Dear <name>, Your dad and I were horsing around, and I tried to give him a piggyback ride. But I couldn't move at ALL! Not even a step! Oof! Love, Mom
Dear <name>, I saw someone here the other day who looked just like you. Did you visit and not tell me about it?! Your evil twin maybe? Mom
Dear <name>, I went a little crazy at a sale the other day. I thought this would look good on you! Try it on! Mom
Dear <name>, I'd say good morning, but what if you're reading this in the evening?! Well, I guess I'll take that chance. Good morning! I hope it's morning! Mom
Dear <name>, I found this stationery, so I decided to write you a letter... But I still don't know what to write about. I'll write again later! Mom
Dear <name>, Your grandparents called me the other day. They said that they were worried about you, but I told them to "chill out." That is how you say it, right? Chill out, kiddo!  Mom
Dear <name>, I got a flowery letter from my mother the other day. Who knew she was such a poet! It runs in the family! Mom
Dear <name>, I found an old love letter from your dad the other day. You might not know this, but your dad can be quite the softie! Aw, he's so cute!  Mom
Dear <name>, My horoscope told me that something good would happen if I wrote a letter! Wishing for the best, Mom
Dear <name>, I tried playing racquetball with your dad, but I accidentally creamed him in the face with my racquet. Whoops! Mom
Dear <name>, Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't think you can take care of yourself. I just want to make sure that you have everything you need. Because I care. Mom
Dear <name>, We just ate dinner a little while ago, so I shouldn't be hungry, but these cooking shows sure do a good job making things look yummy! Love, Mom
Dear <name>, I don't know if I mentioned it, but your dad started taking pottery classes. This is his first creation. I hope you display it proudly somewhere. Isn't it lovely? Mom
Dear <name>, I recently started growing things in the backyard. This piece of fruit was grown right there! It's homemade! Love, Mom
Dear <name>, Nowadays, it's important to separate recycling from garbage. I thought this could help you do that. Think green! Love, Mom
Dear <name>, I know you like to sleep in, but have you been getting up and out as much as you should? I'm worried, so please take this. Don't oversleep! Mom
Dear <name>, Your dad forgot his lunch, so he had to resort to eating things out of the vending machine. Chips are not a lunch! Poor guy. Love, Mom
Dear <name>, Your dad was questioning my sense of style and asked when I bought my purse. This from a man who wears plaid suspenders! Honestly! Love, Mom
Dear <name>, I've decided that today is going to be the day when I start eating healthily. I'm starting by cutting out sweets completely! Eat this for me! Mom
Dear <name>, It seems I spend all my free time in my garden lately. How about you try to plant this somewhere? It's fun! Mom
Dear <name>, I decided to pull my sewing machine out from storage and see if I still could... I started by making this little number for you. Pretty good, hm? Mom
Dear <name>, I pulled my knitting needles out the other day and before I knew it, I had made this just for you! I made it! Mom
Dear <name>, I found these clothes at the flea market the other day. Nice, hm? I think it'll look great on you! I love flea markets! Mom
Dear <name>, Do mi sol mi do! I'm trying my hand at writing a town tune. I hope I can come up with something good! Am I a composer? Mom
Dear <name>, Your dad and I go to the cafe every Saturday night to listen to music. The bitter coffee goes nicely with the sweet melodies. We love K.K. Slider! Mom
Dear <name>, We had one of those brown monsters in the house the other day! I used my slipper as a weapon against it! I hate roaches! Mom

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