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Merengue NewLeaf Official
Gender Female
Personality Normal
Species Rhino
Birthday March 19th
Star Sign Pisces
Initial Phrase "shortcake"
Initial Clothes Chef's Outfit
Picture Quote
(New Leaf)
"Life is a piece of cake."
Skill Doodling
Coffee Blend,
A little bit,
One spoonful of sugar
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Merengue (パティ Pati?) is a new rhino in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Her name is Spanish for meringue, a type of frosting and her phrase referencing what she looks like, a strawberry shortcake.


Merengue resembles a strawberry shortcake. Her body is a light pink, with a white layer of cream over the top of her head. She has rosy cheeks, small pink ears sticking out from the back of her head and black eyes with a white triangle (in a somewhat anime style) and two eyelashes stemming from each eye. She has white hooves and a tail with a peachy colored puff at the end. There is a a thin strawberry horn protruding from the top of her snout. She initially wears a chef shirt. She is also seen as technically not an animal, much like Frita, Sprocket, Lucky, Ribbot, Coco, Nindori, Cube, Blanca, Lyman, Tia and Stitches.


Below is a brief description of the normal personality. For more information, click here.

Merengue has a normal personality which means she will act kind and nice towards the player. Like all normal villagers, she will get along well with other villagers, particularly jock and peppy villagers, appearing motherly towards them. She may, however, conflict with cranky and snooty villagers. She will do hobbies like other villagers. Merengue usually wakes up at 6:00am. Since she has a normal personality, she is easy to befriend and get her picture.


Merengue has a café themed home, with a few items from the sweets series and a chocolate fountain. She has a phonograph that plays K.K. Stroll.


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New Leaf Male: Tank
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