A perfect town refers to when the player's town is in perfect condition. To get a perfect town, the town must have a specific amount of trees, flowers, and public work projects. In games before New Leaf the condition is based on an acre system that divides the town into acres (16x16 squares). 


To check a town's status in Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+, the player must ask the Wishing Well. For Wild World and City Folk the player must speak to Pelly or Phyllis at the civic center in the town hall. Or to find out the town status in New Leaf the player must speak to Isabelle in the town hall.

Perfect town in game

Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, if the player keeps a perfect town status achieved for 15 days, Farley will appear and award the player with a gold axe when they check the Wishing Well.
Wishing Well: "Everything is perfect! [your town] is a very liveable place!"

Wild World

In games prior to Wild World the main purpose for a "perfect town" is to obtain a gold axe. After the main purpose has been completed the next step for getting a "perfect town" is to obtain a gold watering can. In Wild World and later games, the player must have a "perfect town" status for 15 days to obtain a golden watering can.

City Folk

In City Folk, a windmill can help the town status. To get one, the player must first donate 200,000 Bells to the town fund to get a bridge, then donate 600,000 Bells to get a fountain, and lastly, 1,000,000 Bells to get a windmill. If there are weeds in your town, pluck them and put a flower where the weed was. If there are clovers, place a tree there. It's easier that way.

The “perfect” rating -- "Fantastic! [town name] is in great shape right now! Yep, it's pretty sweeeeet!”

New Leaf


In New Leaf the player (as mayor) can get a Town Hall renovation and a Flower Clock if the "perfect town" status is achieved, even if it's just for just one day. Enacting the Beautiful Town ordinance makes it much easier to reach and maintain a perfect town, since flowers won't wilt and fewer weeds will spawn.

Requirements for a perfect town

In total, the town must contain between 110 and 200 trees, of any type. There must also be at least 75 flowers of any type. At least 10 public works projects are needed, but the Dream Suite, Fortune Shop, Museum upgrade, Town Hall designs and Train Station designs do not count. There must be no more than 10 weeds of any type, no more than 10 items on the ground, including fruit and lost items, and there must be no trash on the ground or buried under the ground.

The survey also says the citizens feel <town name> is the best town ever! They never want to leave! Let's both do our best to ensure that <town name> is always a clean, happy place to live!