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An in-game photo, saved to the SD card

This article is about the pictures taken by the player from the Animal Crossing series. For the the pictures given to the player by a villager, see Picture.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

In City Folk, the player can take photos by pressing the 1 button on the Wii Remote. The picture will include everything shown on the screen at that time, including the clock and pointer hand. To instantly view the photo, the 2 button can be pressed. The photo can then be saved to the SD Card where it can be sent to the Wii, or later uploaded to the internet. If the player doesn not have an SD Card inside the Wii, only one photo can be displayed. That photo can be sent to the Wii Message Board.

Villagers, such as lazy, peppy, and snooty ones, will ask the player to take a picture of them, although it is not mandatory.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

In New Leaf, the player can take photos of the top screen by pressing L+R at the same time. Unlike in City Folk, the player may not immediately view the photos. The photos are stored on the SD card and can be viewed on the Nintendo 3DS Camera application. The SD card can then be removed from the 3DS and entered it into a computer to retrieve the photos by opening the SD card's files and manually copying them.

Villagers, such as lazypeppy, and snooty ones, will ask the player to take a picture of them, although it is not mandatory.

The pictures taken in Animal Crossing: New Leaf can be uploaded directly to a social media website, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, via Nintendo's photo sharing website (