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Photo Booth
The Photo Booth on Main Street
Inside the Photo Booth
Service: Photo Vendor
Provides: ID Card photo
Hours Open: Always (not when gate is open)

The Photo Booth, also called a photo-booth is a new feature in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It can be found in Main Street, next to Katrina's Fortune Shop.


A photo can be taken for 500 Bells at a time. If pressed right before the picture is snapped, the player may use an emotion as a pose for the picture. The primary function of the photo booth is to allow the player to update the photo on their ID Card, changing their clothes and emotions,  which can be shared with other player's containing useful information such as their catchphrase and name as well as their badges.

If the L button is held, the picture will turn black and white. If the R button is held, the picture will gain a sepia tint, but 25 pictures must be taken before the ability to use any modifers is granted. The player may also you emotions too.

While the gate is open, the photo booth icon will glow red, and so will the arrow on the machine. This indicates that the photo booth cannot be used at the current time. Once the gate is closed, the arrow and the icon will turn back to green.

The player will have three seconds (six beats) to time the emotion and color of the photo. The emotions will be stored on the touch screen in the joke book.

The photo will replace the previous photo on the ID Card permanently, or until you take a new one.

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