Pianos are one of the instrument items in the Animal Crossing series. When the player walks up to a piano and presses A, the Town Tune will play.. Both pianos are the same size and shape. They are bought at Tom Nook's Store. In New Leaf, when the player has a villager over, and plays the piano, at the end of the song they will receive applause.

Ebony Piano

Ebony piano

The Ebony Piano is black with a gold inside and footstep. It has sheet music right above the keys. On the gold there is a little bit of red. The Ebony Piano plays at a lower octave than the Ivory Piano. Ebony is a type of black wood.

In New Leaf, the ebony piano can be found randomly at Tom Nook's Store. Once the player unlocks the feature that allows the player to customize furniture at Re-tail, the player can hand it over and get re-done as the Ivory Piano

Ivory Piano

Ivory piano

The Ivory Piano is white with a gold inside and footstep. Like the Ebony Piano it has sheet music right above the keys. On the gold there is a little bit of red. It plays at a higher octave than the Ebony Piano. Ivory is a material made from the tusks for elephants.

In City Folk, a piano is on the stage at The Roost.

Upright Piano

Upright piano

The Upright piano is part of the Musical Instruments Set and can be found randomly at Tom Nook's Store. The Upright Piano is black and has a red cloth with gold fringe on top.

Jingle Piano

Jingle piano

The Jingle piano is part of the Jingle Series and can be obtained by Jingle in December. The Jingle Piano is a red & green upright-style piano with white trim, holly pattern, & a Santa Hat on top.

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