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Pitfall Seed
Pitfall Seed

Type Buried Item
Durability Unknown
Stackable Unknown
Availability Lost Property,
Buried (one per day)
Appearances Animal Forest,
Animal Crossing,
Animal Forest e+,
Wild World,
City Folk,
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Flag of France small Piège
Flag of Spain Trampa
Pitfall Seed
A Pitfall, also known as a Pitfall Seed, is an item found throughout the Animal Crossing series.


When pitfalls are buried and walked upon, the player or villager will fall into the pit and display the shocked emotion. Players must rapidly tap buttons to get out of the pitfall, and the more buttons pressed the quicker they are to escape. Villagers shout and exclaim when talked to after falling in a hole, and after being spoken to they instantly free themselves. Special Characters, like Tortimer, are immune and cannot fall in them. Pitfall seeds can be found once every day.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, if a player falls into a pitfall and there is an NPC nearby, they will express the shocked then the distressed emotions.


Pitfalls vary in rarity throughout the games. In most games pitfalls spawn randomly throughout the town each day like fossils. But they also appear in the Lost and Found or in the Dump (in respective games). In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, they can be dug up from tours and kept.

Pitfalls are considered "trash" in most games, selling for no bells. This changes in Animal Crossing: New Leaf where they sell for 10 Bells. Additionally, if a player falls into a pitfall and a villager or special character is looking or following them at the time, they will watch on displaying the shocked then distressed emotion.

Tricky Pitfall Seed

This new type of pitfall only appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and most commonly appears at the Police Station once it has been unlocked. A Tricky Pitfall looks similar to a regular pitfall, except with a yellow exclamation mark on a purple background. It functions identically to the regular pitfall, except the crack for the buried tricky pitfall is much smaller, making it difficult to see.

Following the changes, as well as their introduction in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, tricky pitfalls have a resell value of 20 Bells.

Warning: Non-canon information starts here.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

When thrown, if the opponent is on the ground, they are buried for a short time. If the opponent is in the air and the Pitfall Seed hits, they are "spiked" (shot directly downward). Or, if thrown and it lands on the ground, it appears to vanish in a series of sparks, then, when an opponent of the thrower walks over the place where the Pitfall "vanished" they will be buried.

Warning: Non-canon information ends here.


Animal Crossing

Wild World

City Folk

Animal Crossing: New Leaf


  • In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, if a villager wants to get a player's attention and the player falls into a pitfall, the villager trying to get attention will not express the shocked or distressed emotion, and will continue to try and get the player's attention.

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