Below is a list of dialogue that is used by the Player. When the player speaks, they talk in Bebebese.

City Folk

"Wahooo! I'm all done with work! Now I'm free!" (after completing work with Tom Nook)

"Yahoo! No more debt for me! My house is all paid off! (after paying off home loan)

"WAHOOOOOOO! All the cockroaches are gone! Now everything is all better!" (after destroying cockroaches)

"Look at that! I dug up [item]! But my pockets are full! What should I do?" (after digging up and attempting to store an item with full pockets. The response options are "Swap it!" or "Bury it again!")

"Oh, hang on a second! My pockets are full. What should I do with it?" (after attempting to store an item with full pockets. The response options are "Swap it!" or "Never mind!")

"My pockets are full, so I'll have to leave this right where it is." (after attempting to pick up and store an item with full pockets. The response options are "Swap it!" or "Drop it!")

"Check it out! I found a four-leaf clover! Does this mean I'll be really lucky now?" (after picking up a four-leaf clover)

"Awwww! I broke my axe..." (after breaking an axe)

"Itchy itchy itchy! I got bit by a mosquito..." (after being bitten by a mosquito)

"I got stung by a bee! Ow! Ow ow ow!" (after being stung by a bee)

"What's this? Your pockets are full, so you can't put your equipment away." (after attempting to put away equipment with full pockets)

"Swap this for another bed?"

"There's no music in the stereo." (after attempting to play an empty stereo)

"I can learn [emotion] but I'll have to forget an old emotion first. Is that all right?" (after agreeing to learn a new emotion with four existing emotions. The response options are "Sounds good!" and "Never mind!")

"Which emotion should I swap it out with?" (after agreeing to forget an existing emotion)

"Yayyy! I got the golden net. I'd better take care of it!" (after receiving the golden net)

"Yayyy! I got the golden fishing rod! Look out, fishies!" (after receiving the golden fishing rod)

"Awesome! I got the golden axe! It's unbreakable!" (after receiving the golden axe)

"Look at this! I got the golden shovel! Few know its true worth!" (after receiving the golden shovel)

"Yayyy! I got the golden watering can! Now I can water in style!" (after receiving the golden watering can)

"Yayyy! I got the golden slingshot! Now I can shoot three pellets at once!" (after receiving the golden slingshot)

"WHOA! I thought it was just a mushroom, but it was really a [item]!" (after picking up a mushroom-disguised item)

"You cannot move items when you have guests over!" (after attempting to move an item with guests over)

"You cannot pick up items when you have guests over!" (after attempting to pick up an item with guests over)

Opening Chests

"Let's just pretend we didn't see that, shall we?"

"I saw it... I saw it..."

"I wasn't looking... It just... kinda opened!"

"You can tell a lot about people by snooping around in their stuff..."

"Whatever you are looking for, it's not in here."

"Eww, it's dirty in there..."

"...What in the world is THAT doing in there?"

"Oh! Secret savings? ...Let's keep it a secret."

"There's something written on the side... "Made in Japan""

"This is what people mean when they say "crammed"."

"It's all neatly organized."

"It's surprisingly clean and tidy in here."

"Looks like someone's got a taste for whimsy..." "People shouldn't put that sort of thing in here..."

"...Someone needs to organize a bit."
"Hmm, someone a little obsessive lives here.

"What did you expect?"

"You don't see one of THOSE every day!"

"How exciting..."

"Wha--? It's empty..."