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Prima Games
Prima Games (logo)
Type Limited
Founded 1990s
Headquarters Roseville, California
Key people Unknown
Industry Unknown
Products Unknown
Revenue Unknown
Net income Unknown
Profit Unknown
Assets Unknown
Employees Unknown

Prima is a company that makes official (and occasionally unofficial) strategy guides for video games, having made hundreds over the years. It is a division of Random House. They have made a guide for Animal Crossing, City Folk and New Leaf. However, they have made many mistakes and errors, making some of the information in the guides false. One such example was in the Animal Crossing guide, where instead of inserting a picture of June the islander, there was a picture of Jane the gorilla. Also in the Animal Crossing guide, Mallary and Joey were listed as birds rather than ducks, and Wolfgang's image was used for both his and Fang's. Other examples can be found in the New Leaf guide, where the prices for bugs and fish are set to their true value, instead of what the player gets for selling them; it also mentions that Kicks is a fox in the section that shows the unlockable shops, when he is in fact a skunk.