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たま Tama
"Let them drink cream."
Gender Personality Species
Female Snooty Cat
Birthday May 29th (Gemini)
Initial phrase kitten
Initial clothes Deep Blue Shirt (AC)
Asian Shirt (WW, CF)
Periwinkle Tee (NL)
Home request A cozy kotatsu cottage
Skill Writing backward
Goal Movie director
Coffee Kilimanjaro,
None at all,
None at all
Style Iconic
Favorite song K.K. Swing
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+, WW, CF, NL, HHD
Regional names Flag of France small Perle
Flag of Germany small Franka
Flag of Spain Wanda
Flag of Italy small Felidia

"You don't mind if I sharpen my claws on your bed, do you?"
— Picture quote, Wild World
Purrl (たま, Tama?) is a snooty cat villager in the Animal Crossing series. She has appeared in all games from the Animal Crossing series to date. Her name is a combination of "purr", which is a sound that cats make, and the gemstone that is prized for its elegance and shine; the pearl. Her Japanese name, 'Tama', is a common name for housecats in Japan. Calicoes have a myth of being a lucky type of cat, so this may relate to the opinion of her being wealthy. Her Wild World picture phrase is a reference to real cats scratching beds and sofas. Her initial catchphrase is a reference to a kitten, a baby or young cat.


Purrl has the overall appearance of a calico cat, which means she is tri-colored in black, white, and various colors of brown (medium and dark). She has a cobalt blue color inside her ears, and well-defined lower eyelashes which are similar to Mint's eyes (presumably from mascara, hinting that she is a snooty villager). Her eyes always appear to be looking upwards and she has a smiling mouth. Purrl's initial clothing is the Asian shirt, but her outfit in Animal Crossing is a Deep Blue shirt, which matches the inside of her ears; the trend then continued on into the 'New Leaf game, in which she wears the Periwinkle tee (pictured left), which also coincides with the color inside her ears. On rainy days, she carries the red dot umbrella, which is red with white polka dots on it.


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As a snooty villager, Purrl will appear uptown, classy, and chic. With this, however, she will appear rude, belittling, and snobby when talking to the player or other villagers in the town, usually criticizing their dress sense or fashion. When talking to the player enough , she will befriend them but still remain a little rude. As with all snooty villagers, she has an interest in clothes over other hobbies. She will have problems socializing with other villagers, usually lazy villagers by disagreeing with their choice of lifestyle or getting offended by a jock villager, who have questioned her physical fitness.


Purrl's house has a very sophisticated theme in Animal Forest and Animal Crossing. Her house has the Perfect Painting and various items from the Exotic Series. She also has two Fizzoids, and a Bird Cage. Purrl has the Concrete Wall and the Checkered Tile in her home. She also has a Hi-Fi stereo.

In Wild World, Purrl no longer has the Perfect Painting or the Caladium, but retains many furniture items first found in her original house. Purrl now has an Exotic Screen and a Cabana Bookcase, but does not have the Mini Fizzoid. She still has the Concrete Wall and the Checkered Tile.

In City Folk, she retains many of the new additions introduced in Wild World, but no longer has a Hi-Fi Stereo, replacing it instead with a Corn Plant. The wallpaper and floor are the same as they were in previous two games. K.K. Swing plays in Purrl's house.

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#361 Purrl
Type Cat
Star sign Gemini
Birthday 5/29
Roll value 2
Hand sign Rock
Request A cozy kotatsu cottage
Amiibo 361 Purrl
360 Rod #361 Purrl 362 Static



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