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Service Town Shop
Provides Upholstery
Flea Market
Selling Items
Opening hours 9AM-11PM
6AM-11PM (Early Bird)
9AM-2AM (Night Owl)
Appearances Unknown
Regional names Flag of Japan R. Parkers
Flag of France small Revente et Retouches
Flag of Spain Reciclaje Bártulos
Flag of Italy small Ricicla e Ricrea
Flag of Germany small Fundgrube

Re-Tail is a new store introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The store is run by two alpacas, Reese and Cyrus, who also make their debut appearance. It is one of the initial stores in the game and is located outside of Main Street, away from the other stores.


The store is sometimes referred to as a recycling shop, possibly due to the player's ability to use the store to sell their unwanted items to other residents. If players try to sell garbage items to the shop, they will be charged a small fee per item to dispose of it, making no bells. Furniture can be reupholstered here as well, either using preset choices or Designs that the player may own. The store splits its operations between Reese and Cyrus, who each take on different responsibilities.

The small chalkboard sign outside of the store will list at least one premium item each day. If the player sells that item back to the store, Reese will pay double the resell value. There is usually only one item on the board unless the Wealthy Town Ordinance is enacted, or if several people have been tagged through StreetPass.


Reese, the pink alpaca, buys items off of the player fulfilling a similar role to what Tom Nook's Store used to do in previous games in the Animal Crossing series. Additionally, she is now the animal responsible for the stalk market, which has a morning price (pre-noon) and an afternoon price (post-noon), from Monday to Saturday. The player can also talk to Reese about selling furniture to other villagers and players at a price of their choosing.


Cyrus, the blue alpaca, is the upholster and is in charge of altering furniture. He is unavailable at the beginning of the game and is first seen sleeping at his workbench, and Reese will stop the player from awakening him until certain conditions are met. The player must first sell 100,000 Bells worth of items to Reese and have cataloged or owned 50 different types of furniture and 10 different items of clothing. They must also have resided in the town for at least 7 days. Once these prerequisites have been fulfilled, Cyrus will be awake the next time the player enters the store and will be introduced to the player. His services are available from that point on.

Through Cyrus, the player can customize items of furniture by using designs that are either pre-selected, from a item of clothing and/or of the players own custom designs. Special ore can also be used to create shiny furniture, though this is only available for certain items. Cyrus can also create miniature fossil models, music boxes and exclusive golden furniture if certain requirements are met. All his refurbishments/services cost a small amount of money. What can be customized varies between various items, and eligible items can have a maximum of two changes to them. It takes 30 minutes for a item to be completed by Cyrus, and can be done as many times in the day (though he will refuse to take any more orders after his shop closes, if you stayed inside after-hours)


  • The name R. Parkers is thought to be a pun on the word "alpaca," the species of Reese and Cyrus (or Lisa and Kaizo, as they are named in the Japanese version). However, since the Japanese language has one alveolar consonant in place for both "L" and "R", the name is "R. Parkers" and not "L. Parkers." The "R" is also used in the typography of the store's sign in the Japanese version to create an alpaca.
  • Items sold to Reese fetch 100% of their resell value, whereas the same item sold at Nookling Stores will fetch 20% less due to Timmy and Tommy utilizing Re-Tail's services as well. Selling through the Nooklings also misses out on possible premium sales.
  • Re-Tail will always have a pond to either the right or left side of the entrance. However, the shape of the pond varies between three different shapes.


  • Some items will still sell on the flea market, even at inflated prices. For example, Brewster's Coffee Beans (which sell to Reese for 2,000 bells) can be sold for around 7,500 bells there.
  • The initial price suggested when an item is put in the flea market is its regular resell value. Villagers are still willing to purchase items for a lot more than that price. The equation is Y = 4X - 1 < 10.000 with X being the amount of Bells that Reese suggests, and Y being the maximum amount of Bells you can get for it. That means that an item can be sold for 1 Bell less than 4 times the price Reese suggests for the item, as long as the price will stay beneath 10.000. The maximum profit is achieved on an item worth 2.500 Bells.
  • The player can push other villagers towards items as another way to suggest they buy them. If an exclamation mark appears over their head, it means they are interested in the item.
  • If a villager buys an item, they will pay the player directly. If a visiting player buys an item this way, the money will be transferred to the player's bank deposit instead.
    • If the player's wallet would over-fill after being paid directly, the money will be transferred to their bank account the next day.


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