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Red Turnip
Red Turnip
Red Turnip (Wild World)
Type Weed
Spawns One per week maximum (from Joan)
Rarity Rare
Appearances Animal Crossing: Wild World,
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Regional names Flag of Spain Nabo rojo

Red Turnips are a type of turnip first introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World. They are bought from Joan for a sum of 1,000 Bells. They can be sold on the "Stalk Market" through Tom Nook, which is the Animal Crossing version of the Stock Market. There is generally only one purchasable per week that a player can purchase, but sometimes Joan has none at all.

Red turnips start off as seeds and must be planted in the ground. They must also be watered once a day to keep them from shriveling, but must not be over-watered. If a red turnip dies, they have to be dug up, as they have a negative effect on the environment. Successfully watering it the right way will make it grow bigger and, after a week's watering, it will be full size. For example, planting it on Sunday will mean it will be full size by the following Sunday. They are good for starting out but considered impractical over a long period of time (see getting rich on turnips ).
Red Turnip 3 (Wild World)
Red Turnip 2 (Wild World)

A full-size red turnip sells for a maximum of 16,000 Bells, making a profit of 15,000. Tom Nook will buy the different size Red Turnips for the following prices:

Red Turnip Selling Price
Seed 2 Bells
Day 1 20 Bells
Day 2 100 Bells
Day 3 500 Bells
Day 4 2,000 Bells
Day 5 4,000 Bells
Day 6 8,000 Bells
Day 7 +

16,000 Bells

Silver Watering Can

Sometimes the player may forget to water their red turnip, since it must be done every day. Some villagers say that with a silver watering can, the player can even bring withered red turnips back to life. The silver watering can be achieved in the mail after purchasing 50 packs of flowers from Tom Nook's Store. This can only be done in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

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