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HNI 0039

Redd Cookie Shop during the Firework Show

Redd's Cookie (いなりくじ Inari Kuji?, Inari Lottery) is a food item in New Leaf. It can be bought from Redd in his Cookie Stand at the Fireworks Show for 500 Bells. Once the cookie is eaten, the player will be able to read the ticket inside. The player can then return the ticket to Redd before the show ends at midnight for a prize. Not all tickets contain prizes; some of the cookies are filled with dud tickets, and Redd will exchange them for a roman candle or sparkler instead.

Ticket Prizes

Image Name Ticket Buy Price Sell Price HHA Theme(s) Size (sq)
BoxedFigurine Boxed Figurine Bang Ticket - 300 Toy Shop 1
LoveTester Love Tester Pow Ticket - 256 Sci-Fi,
Toy Shop
LovelyPhone Lovely Phone Flash Ticket - 2,600 Fairy Tale 1
MiniatureCar Miniature Car Sparkle Ticket - 2,500 Toy Shop 1
TenBillionBarrel Ten Billion Barrel Whiz Ticket - 256 Sci-Fi,
Toy Shop
UltraHand Ultra Hand Crackle Ticket - 256 Sci-Fi,
Toy Shop
UltraMachine Ultra Machine Pop Ticket - 256 Sci-Fi,
Toy Shop
UltraScope Ultra Scope Kaboom Ticket - 256 Sci-Fi,
Toy Shop


  • When the player receives a "flash" ticket from the cookie, Redd will redeem it as a "boom" ticket for a Lovely
    Redd boom
    Phone. This appears to be a text error, and it is not to be mistaken with the "kaboom" ticket.
  • The Lovely Phone allows the player to receive Katrina's same fortunes for free.
  • The Ultra Hand, Love Tester, and Ten Billion Barrel are Nintendo toys from the 1980s, invented by the late Gunpei Yokoi.