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Gender Female
Personality Uchi
Species Rhino
Birthday May 28th
Star Sign Gemini
Initial Phrase "yo yo yo"
Picture Quote
(New Leaf)
"Reckless youth makes rueful age."
Coffee Kilimanjaro, regular amount of milk, 2 spoonfuls of sugar
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: New Leaf
In other languages Flag of Germany small Ilona

Renée (おさい, Osai) is an uchi rhino villager that first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


Renee is an entirely lavender rhino with a white horn and hooves. She has a mop of bright, pink hair and wears pink blush. Her eyes appear half-lidded with eyelashes only on the bottom. Her initial clothing is the sailor's shirt.


Below is a brief description of the uchi personality. For more information, click here.

Renée is a uchi ("big sister") villager. She is a mix of peppy, snooty and normal villagers, and will act like a big sister to the villager once they become close friends. If the player talks to her after they player gets stung by a bee, she may give them medicine. Renée may conflict with Snooty and Cranky villagers, who spread rumors about others. Even so, she is very kind and caring.

Coffee Prefrences

  • Killimanjaro beans
  • Regular amount of milk
  • 2 spoonfuls of sugar


On her Red Boombox, she has Surfin' K.K. playing.

Osai house
Renee's house
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