Chief rumors

Chief telling the player about rumours

Rumors Julian

Julian telling a rumor to the player,About him and tangy

Rumors (うわさ Uwasa?, 噂) are a function in New Leaf in which players are labeled by villagers. It is similar to bias in City Folk, and a similar, more simplistic version also existed in Wild World.

Villagers will not only tell the player that there are rumors about them; they will also inform the player what rumors are forming about other players, such as those from their own town, or visiting players who have spoken to their villagers.

Types of Rumors


Pashima telling the player about a rumor describing Velma and a bear.

Player Rumors

How the player is labeled depends on certain actions performed by the player. For example, a player who time travels often may be rumored to be a "Time Traveler" by villagers, or even by villagers of towns that the player has visited. 

There are over twenty types of rumors created by villagers. Rumors about the player can change depending on the players' recent activity.

  • Freshman Mayor - Obtained upon becoming mayor. Cannot be obtained again once it has been switched out.
  • New Face - Obtained upon moving in. Cannot be obtained again once it has been switched out.
  • Pro Listener - Can be obtained by fulfilling villager's requests exactly.
  • Happy Tourist - Obtained from frequent visits to Tortimer Island.
  • Hometown Hero - High approval rating, can be gained from planting many flowers quickly, etc.
  • Fashionista - Obtained by creating many patterns, or by passing Gracie's Fashion Check.
  • Pro Traveler - Frequent visits to other towns.
  • Social Butterfly - Possibly by talking to the villagers frequently.
  • Individual - Rarely talking to villagers or NPCs.
  • Aspiring Designer- This rumor can be obtained by making pro designs at Able sisters.
  • Flower Fan - Obtained by planting and watering many flowers, can be obtained by picking up flowers and setting them back down. 500+ flowers are required for this rumor.
  • Time Traveler - Obtained by doing nothing but Time Traveling.
  • Fish-and-Bug Star -  Likely by catching many types of fish/bugs
  • Fly Swatter - For catching lots of bugs regularly.
  • Stump Maker - Obtained by cutting down many trees
  • World Traveler - Traveling to other towns often.
  • Civic Leader - TBA, possibly by being the only donator to a public works project or possibly by demolishing projects.
  • Bug Whisperer - Catching many bugs.
  • Bell Pincher (Bell Hoarder in PAL version) - Rarely spending bells on anything.
  • Green Thumb - Breeding hybrids often.
  • Bellionaire - Obtained through having a sum of 1,000,000 Bells or more in a savings account
  • Shopaholic - Shopping often.
  • Tree Hugger - Planting many trees.
  • Fishing Fiend - Obtained by fishing a lot.
  • Deep Diver - Obtained by catching deep sea creatures often.

Villager Rumors

In addition to player rumors, villagers will also have rumors concerning them.

  • Cranky villagers will state that rumors can be frightening.
  • Jock villagers may ask to spread rumors about their latest world record, or complain that others say that they are a prince from another planet.
  • Normal villagers will comment that they will only spread rumors they have seen themselves.
  • Lazy villagers will tell the player that there's a rumor of another villager having very ticklish feet, and that they will use it to their advantage in the future.
  • Smug villagers may remark that they have done things with other villagers, but refuse to elaborate on the details.
  • Snooty villagers will use fabricated examples to show the player that simple rumors can spread very quickly. They will also be concerned if it's rumored that they've been talking about the player behind their back.
  • Uchi villagers will complain that rumors are circulating that they are known for one sport, when it is in fact another.
  • Peppy villagers will ask the player for any gossip, think you are keeping something secret, and ask for you to give them the details.