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Bell rock

Bell Rock

The Bell Rock in City Folk.

Once a day, a random rock in the player's town will become the 'bell rock'. The bell rock is a rock that releases bells when hit with a shovel. The bell rock can release up to eight bags of bells per day, one bag will come out per hit of the shovel.

Also, be sure there are at least 8 clear squares around the rock. Bags of bells will not fall into squares occupied by holes, trees, items, and flowers, so the rock will not produce them if they have nowhere to fall.

Warning! If a resident of your town is standing in one of the 8 squares around a rock, you will also not be able to get all 8 bags of bells. Wait for them to move before you begin hitting the rock


  H H H
H   P   H
H   R   H
H       H
  H H H

Added Note: The amount that comes from the rock at each hit is as follows: Hit 1: 100 bells Hit 2: 200 bells Hit 3: 400 bells Hit 4: 800 bells Hit 5: 1000 bells Hit 6: 2000 bells Hit 7: 4000 bells Hit 8: 8000 bells

Items in trees

Furniture and money can be found just by shaking non-fruit trees. Bells are found in most trees, and two pieces of furniture can be found also. Shaking trees can be dangerous as the player poses the risk of shaking down a bees' nest.

Money tree

Money tree

A money tree in City Folk.

Once you have the golden shovel, and the golden water can (received when a town is perfect) use the shovel and bury a bag of bells. A sapling should sprout immediately. Then water it five times. This will grow into a money tree, which has a chance of producing 3 bags of 30,000 bells. The more bells you initially bury, the greater chance bells will bloom on the tree. For example if you plant 1,000 bells you have a 1% chance of it growing. If you plant 37,000 bells you have a 37% percent chance of one growing etc. Note that the tree only produces money once. After you harvest the first and only batch of bells, the tree turns into a normal tree.

The max you can get from one tree is 90,000 bells. (3 bags of 30,000 bells.)

Find out tomorrow's weather

To find out what tomorrow's weather is going to be like, turn on your T.V. fifteen minutes before the 7AM, 8AM, 12 AM, 6PM and mostly 10 PM. It only starts 45 minutes after the hour. It will tell you tomorrow's weather. This is useful for finding the Coelacanth, because it has to to be raining or snowing.

Wishing upon the Star


A Letter from Wishy.

Shooting stars can be seen and heard on clear or cloudy nights when it is not raining or snowing. Look at the top screen and wait for a shooting star to go by. When you see one, tap your character with your stylus, or press 3DS A immediately. Your character will face forward and clap their hands together in a wishing motion. Note that this will not work if you have any tools equipped when you press A/tap your character. You can only do this once a day. After you have successfully wished upon the star, you will get a letter with a present (always a Tom Nook spotlight item) from Wishy the Star the next day.

Moving Neighbors

The maximum amount of neighbours you can have is 8. Usually, as soon as all 8 places are filled, an animal will start packing to move away. To prevent this from happening, continue talking to the animal until it says something about "considering staying", or they ask you if you really want them to stay. Neighbors sometimes move to towns of the people that have visited you or to the towns you have visited. Additionally, you can send them a letter about NOT moving and add a gift and they will not move away!

Extra Item Spaces

By purchasing a dresser, vanity, or anything else that will hold items, 90 extra storage spaces can be used to put items in. After this is full, every dresser you have will not give you more space; the same items will be in all of them. There are 3 ways to get more spaces.

  1. Put the items into the letters you have in your pockets. It will give you 10 extra places.
  2. Create another character, leave the items on the ground, and pick them up as the other character. Open the dressers, and they will be empty. Each character is allotted 90 free spaces of their own.
  3. If you put the items in mail, make sure it is your mail and put the name of the item on the last line so you know what is in it.

Another way to store extra items is to attach them to letters you store at the post office/town hall, though this is inconvenient since you may withdraw a maximum of 10 items at a time, saving the mailbox takes a while, and it may be hard to find the item you are looking for. However, this is a good way to store photos of villagers that moved away, by attaching them to their goodbye letters.

Get more money

Interest Method

An incredibly easy way to get money, and buy items at Nook's, Redd's and Able sisters again.

  • Pros: With an initial investment of 10,000 Bells and a time shift of 10 years, you will receive 50,000 bells in interest (so 60,000 bells in the bank) (bank interest is 0.5%)
  • Cons: Will produce weeds, cockroaches in your house, kill flowers, and will make villagers move away.
  1. Deposit 20,000 bells or more into the savings account; the more bells in the account, the more money that comes out.
  2. Save and turn off the power.
  3. Turn the DS on.
  4. Change the year by ten years; save settings and turn the DS off.
  5. Turn back on.
  6. After exiting the house you'll have mail from the town hall saying how much interest (money that the bank gives you for using their bank) you get.
  7. Save and turn off the power.
  8. Correct the date.
  9. When you go back on, everything will be as if it was the next day on the game, but you will have weeds.
  10. If you have an Action Replay DS you can make all your weeds into money bags so you will have even MORE money.

Item Duplication Method


  • Must have two game cards, and two DS systems
  • Make sure that you have more than 1 player living in each town
  • Pros: Easy way to duplicate your stuff.
  • Cons: Requires two cards and two DS systems.

Here are the systematic instructions.

  1. On the first DS card, make sure you have as many empty letters as items you want to duplicate. Note that you can only carry 10 letters at a time.
  2. Put what you want to duplicate into the empty letters.
  3. Save the letters at the town hall.
  4. Keep repeating this process until all of the slots are full.
  5. At the civic services desk select "I want to move".
  6. Follow the instructions to move your original character to the second DS card.
  7. Create a new character on the first DS card.
  8. Have the new character go to their town hall and view their saved letters. Your new character will have inherited all of the old character's saved letters and the items in them.
  9. Have your new character retrieve their saved letters, extract the items from them, and drop the items on the ground.
  10. Delete the new character from the first DS card.
  11. Move your original character back from the second DS card to the first DS card. Now you can find the items in the original character's saved letters in the post office, and you can find a duplicate of them where your new (now deleted) character dropped them on the ground.

Added Note: When your first character moves to the second card, they still have all of their mail. Empty out all of the items, and move back after deleting the new character. You can visit this second card whenever, and pick up all the items you dropped.

Item Duplication Method Two

This method uses a Wi-Fi or DS to DS connection to duplicate items. 


  • Must have two game cards, and two DS systems (and preferably one user to each DS system)
  • Pros: Easy way to duplicate lots of items and money.
  • Cons: Requires two cards and two DS systems.

There are two people involved, the visitor and the host. These can be two different people, or you can be both of them as long as you have two separate DS systems and Animal Crossing game carts.


  • Scenario One - The HOST player has possession of the items to be duplicated.
  1. Open your gates to Wi-Fi or DS to DS connection and have the visitor come to your town.
  2. Give the items you want to be duplicated to the visitor. (works with any item)
  3. Press start and Save & Continue.
  4. When it's done saving, the visitor drops all the items back onto the ground again.
  5. Press start and Save & Continue again.
  6. The visitor player must pay attention to their DS for this part. As soon as the arrow starts spinning around in the corner, the visitor must count FIVE seconds, and on the fifth second, turn off the power and restart the game
  7. The host player does not turn off, and waits until they lag out of Wi-Fi (blue screen) to restart their game.
  • Scenario Two - The VISITOR player has possession of the items to be duplicated.
  1. The host opens the gates to Wi-Fi or DS to DS and has the visitor come to the town.
  2. The host presses start and Save & Continue.
  3. Visitor drops all the items on the ground.
  4. The host presses start and Save & Continue again.
  5. The visitor player must pay attention to their DS for this part. As soon as the arrow starts spinning around in the corner, the visitor must count FIVE seconds, and on the fifth second, turn off the power and restart the game
  6. The host player does not turn off, and waits until they lag out of Wi-Fi (blue screen) to restart their game.


After you restart the game, you will get no Resetti. If the power off was timed correctly, you should see the items in your town AND in the pockets of the other player! If the power off was too early, then the visitor will still have the items in their pockets, but the host will not have theirs. If the power off was too late, then the host will have the items and the visitor will not. There is no way to lose the items in the saving process or for anything bad to happen to your game. If it does not work the first time, keep trying to time the power off better. It must be ON the fifth second you power off, not AFTER the fifth second. You may try this with more than one player (multiple visitors) but I have not tested more than one visitor with this method.

NOTE: A pocket full of royal crowns is worth more than a pocket full of money bags if you want to make money fast.

Money Tree Method

  • Pros: Can potentially turn 100 bells into 90,000 bells.
  • Cons: The chances of that are 0.1%. The only way to guarantee 90,000 bells is to bury 100,000 bells, which will result in a net loss of 10,000 bells.

Plant a Money Tree (you must use a Golden Shovel in order to bury cash into a money tree. This will not work with a regular shovel. To do that, bury a shovel and in the next day, dig up the shovel. It must stay for a full 24 hours. You need to have a Golden Water Can To plant your money tree.) find more Info In ===Magic Rock===

Fossil Method

  • Pros: Can make at least 3,000 bells a day.
  • Cons: Can not make more than 18,000 bells a day.
  1. Pull out your shovel.
  2. Go hunt for fossils.
  3. Have any fossils you find identified by Blathers.
  4. If you would like to fill the museum, say he can take the fossils when prompted to do so. Otherwise, tell him to return them to you and continue with step five.
  5. Go to Tom Nook.
  6. Sell your fossils.
  7. Repeat daily (up to three fossils spawned every day).

NOTE: Although three dig spots appear every day, some hold gyroids instead of fossils. You cannot donate these, but you can sell them to Nook for 828 bells apiece, or collect them for making sounds.