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Trees always grow

If the player has a really rare fruit that they really want to grow, chop down an existing tree, uproot the stump, then plant your desired fruit. This also works for money trees. So long as no other tree is planted next to the tree, this will automatically grow into a new tree. When you want to plant a coconut make sure you plant it on the coastline. No other tree can be planted on the coastline.(If you are playing New Leaf, bananas are also planted on the coastline.)

Money Rock

Every day, there will be one rock in the player town that, once hit with a shovel or axe, it will release a bag of bells. Continue hitting the rock until it stops releasing money. The amount of bells increases with every hit. This can be done once a day. Also, the quicker the player is, the more money the player can get.

When the money rock is hit the first three times, it gives 100 bells each time. After that, it gives 1,000 bells for each successive hit.

If the player digs a hole in the ground behind them and on either side of them, they will not be recoiled back so they can hit the rock many more times.


Make sure to buy a fishing pole as soon as possible. No matter the season, you will have a stable form of income to pay off debts. There are all kind of fish in the river, ponds, and ocean, and some will fetch higher prices than others.

Money Grows on Trees

Instead of digging up that bag of bells from the glowing spot on the ground, bury it again to grow a money tree! The trick is though that sometimes the GameCube will be confused if you pocket it or turn away then bury the money bag. Stand "behind" the hole before you dig it up so the point of view is facing your character. Then, once the bells are picked up, the character won't turn to "face you" and lose the ability to grow a money tree.

Golden Shovel

To obtain the Golden Shovel, buy two ordinary shovels. Bury one shovel. Wait for the next day and find the spot where you buried your shovel. Dig up the shovel and it will become a Golden Shovel.

Golden Fishing Rod

Collect all 40 types of fish.

Golden Net

Collect all 40 types of bugs.

Get multiple Jingle items without finding him

On Christmas Eve, when Jingle comes around there is a way to get as many presents from him as you have room for.

1) Get quite a few shirts and have letters ready to put items in.

2) Find Jingle 5 times so he gives you an item, then, change your shirt and search town again.

3) When you find Jingle, talk to him, and then push him as close to the edge of the acre as he will go.

4) Then, walk into the acre you just pushed Jingle close to, but stay right on the edge of the acre.

5) Now, walk back into the acre with Jingle and if you were quick enough, he will still be right there, so you won't have to go through the trouble of finding him again!

6) Now, push Jingle back towards the edge of the acre if needed and run back out to the adjacent acre.

7) While in the adjacent acre, stay close to the edge again.

8) Now, quickly pause the game and change your shirt to something totally different.

9) Now, run back to the acre with Jingle and talk again. Repeat steps 3 through 9 until you receive the desired item(s).

Double Your Money

In order to do this you must first have 2 Memory cards the available space for travel data. Put ALL your money into the bank and go on a trip. Put the travel data on the memory card without your game on it! Take it out and start the game with the memory card that has your town on it. It will start as normal but when it gets to the menu where you chose your name you chose yours and then s/he will ask you about using a default character. Say yes and then go to the bank. Take out all of your money and drop it in front of your house. Save and exit. Put the memory card with the travel data and s/he will welcome you back from your trip. Then they will ask you a question like, Do you want to use data from your vistor you say NO. When you get into the game all your money should be in the bank and the money that your double dropped on the floor will still be there!

Duplicate items

To do this you need 2 Gameboy advances and a GC GBA link cable. First connect the first Gameboy to the link than the link to the GameCube. Next turn on the Gameboy and go to the island when you get there drop off the money and items that you want to duplicate. Leave the island. When Kapp'n asks if you want to save the island to the Gameboy say yes. After it saves just put the Gameboy off to the side in sleep mode. When you get to the town go up one acre and plug Gameboy two in to the link and turn it on. Next go back down an acre. Go back to the island and pick up the stuff you dropped off. Get back into the boat and tell Kapp'n that you don't want to save the island on your Gameboy. Next unplug the Gameboy from the link. Then take the Gameboy one out of sleep mode. Plug it back in to the link. Go up an acre then down again. Talk to Kapp'n again and go back to the island. You should see the money and items.

Make the player's face look like a gyroid

  1. Drop all of your items and money on the ground or somewhere in your town. (If the player has something in their pockets, it will be lost.)
  2. Talk to Porter (the monkey who is located at the Train Station in the player's town.) and tell him they are taking a trip.
  3. Once the player goes on the train, press RESET on the GameCube (or Wii)
  4. Load up the player must account, a random villager from the player's town should say something like "Do you want to use a default character?" say No.
  5. The player's face should now be erased and should look like a gyroid.

This is not a glitch. Nintendo programmed this on purpose, probably to remind the player to use the gyroid to save.