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Seashells in Animal Forest.

Shells are plentiful items that wash up on the beach of all Animal Crossing series games. They are a small, yet easy source of Bells. Shells are especially useful the first few days to obtain enough Bells to buy tools, such as the fishing rod or net.

Animal Forest e+'s shell design was greatly improved from Animal Crossing.

Shells respawn on the beach more quickly in Animal Crossing: New Leaf than in previous titles in the series. Some shells also contain hermit crabs, which appear on the island in both Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Forest e+.

Shell Animal forest e

List of shells

Name Sale
Conch 350
Coral 250
Dall's top 90
Giant clam 450
Lion's paw 40
Oyster shell 450
Pearl oyster 1,200
Porceletta 30
Sakuragai 80
Sand dollar 60
Sea snail shell 90
Scallop shell 600
Venus comb 150
Wentletrap 20
White scallop 450


Scientific Names

  • Conch
  • Cowrie (family Cypraeidae)
  • Coral (Corallium rubrum)
  • Dall's Top (Calliostoma unicum)
  • Giant Clam (Tridacna gigas)
  • Lion's Paw (Lyropecten nodosus)
  • Oyster (superfamily Ostreoidea)
  • Pearl Oyster (Pinctada radiata)
  • Porceletta
  • Sand Dollar (Astriclypeus manni)
  • Scallop (Patinopecten yessoensis)
  • Sea-snail
  • Venus Comb (Murex pecten)
  • Wentletrap (Epitonium scalare)
  • White Scallop (Tridacna squamosa)


  • A search for Dall's Top on a search engine returns only Animal Crossing series references. These names were put in place as the specific shell species do not have a common (non-scientific) name in English, which is common for creatures like shellfish where there are thousands of different types which are rare and infrequently discussed. Dall's Top is known as Calliostoma unicum. The name Dall's Top was used as the shell was named by malacologist W. H. Dall. A similar concept happened with the Walker Cicada where the name was a result of the species having no common name, thus the name of the person who originally described the species was used.
  • The Porceletta is a type of Cowrie shell.
  • In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, when giving a Giant-Clam Shell to Cyrus together with a K.K. Slider song, he will make a Music Box for the player.

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