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Seashells in Animal Forest.

Shells are plentiful items that wash up on the beach of all Animal Crossing series games. They are a small and easy source of bells. Shells are especially useful when starting a new game to obtain enough bells to buy tools.

Shells respawn on the beach quickest in New Leaf than in other previous titles. Some shells also contain hermit crabs which appear on the island in both New Leaf and Animal Forest e+.

Shell Animal forest e

List of shells

Name Sale
Conch 350
Coral 250
Dall's top 90
Giant clam 450
Lion's paw 40
Oyster shell 450
Pearl oyster 1,200
Porceletta 30
Sakuragai 80
Sand dollar 60
Sea snail shell 90
Scallop shell 600
Venus comb 150
Wentletrap 20
White scallop 450


  • During the Golden Axe Trading Event in Wild World, scallops can be traded with Pascal to obtain either the Golden Axe or Pascal's picture. Scallops can only be obtained from Tortimer in exchange for a massage chair.
  • In City Folk, scallops can be traded with Pascal for a piece of ship-themed furniture.
  • In New Leaf, when a scallop is caught in the town, Pascal sometimes appears and requests it. If given, he will eventually trade a piece of furniture. Note that the scallop is a different item from the scallop shell.


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