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Gender Male
Personality Smug
Species Dog
Birthday November 24th
Star Sign Sagittarius
Initial Phrase "baaa man"
Initial Clothes Denim Vest
Picture Quote
(New Leaf)
"Even dogs won't get in the middle of true love."
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Shep (ボブ, Bobu) is a smug dog villager that first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. His name comes from the Sheepdog breed of dog. His catchphrase, 'baaa man', possibly reference the name of the breed of dog he is based on, a Sheepdog. The beginning of the word is another animal's name, a sheep, which stereotypically makes the sound 'baaa'.


Shep is a brown dog with lighter brown hair covering his eyes. His ears are tinted with the darker brown on the rest of his body. Shep's arms are tipped lighter, and so are his feet. Shep, overall, looks like a sheep dog, the breed of dog he is based off of.


Smug (ボク Boku, or キザ Kiza) is a new personality in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. They are very polite, kind, and gentlemen-like, and will easily get along with other villagers. They seem to be a mix between all villagers. They are lively and kind, as well as positive. The villager will occasionally flirt with the player. But he would look like a Lazy personality.


In his house, Shep has K.K. Reggae playing on his stereo. Shep's house is very simple and smooth, with random items.

Bobu's house
Shep's house
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• He is featured on K.K. Reggae's album cover in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


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