Shopping Card
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Type Tool
Durability Forever
Stackable Unknown
Availability Given
Appearances City Folk
Regional names Flag of France small Carte Carla
Flag of Italy small Carta da shopping

The shopping card is an item found only in City Folk. It works in the same way as a debit card, whereby Bells are withdrawn from the player's bank account instead of carrying bells.

Shopping card letter

The letter received with the shopping card

Golden shopping card letter

The letter received with the golden shopping card


It can only be used at GracieGrace and the Auction House, because the prices can potentially be extremely high and only 99,999 Bells can be carried at a time.


To obtain the shopping card, the player must deposit over 10,000 Bells into the Automatic Bell Dispenser (ABD). A letter will be received with the shopping card attached the next day.

Gold Shopping Card

To obtain the golden card, the player must have 1,000,000 Bells deposited in the ABD and it works the same way as the basic shopping card, except it gives a 20% discount on every item in the store.

Lost Shopping Card

If the player loses their Shopping Card, they are able to go to the Automatic Bell Dispenser and select "Reissue Card". They will then receive a new card in the mail. However, if a player loses their Gold Card, they cannot replace it.