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640px-Snowball rolling

Snowballs are scattered around the player's town from late November to 25th February. If rolled in snow, they will gradually become larger, whereas they become smaller if rolled in dirt, grass, or stone. Pushing snowballs into the river will make them flow and gradually get smaller. If bumped into an object, it will disappear, and another will appear at a random spot in town.

Snowballs can be used to build Snowmen and Snowwomen. There are always only two in town until the snowman is made; they will not regenerate until the following day after a snowman is made. Dung Beetles will also occasionally roll snowballs.


  • If the snowball is hit with a shovel, it will be destroyed.
  • If the snowball falls into the water it will get smaller and smaller until it disappears.
  • If the snowball gets pushed off a cliff it will be destroyed upon hitting the ground.

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