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"I caught a soft-shelled turtle! I can really shell it out!" —New Leaf (NTSC)
"I caught a soft-shelled turtle! I really shelled it out!" —New Leaf (PAL)
"I caught a soft shelled turtle! Don't suffer shell shock!" —New Leaf (While the moon is out)
Japanese Quotes

「スッポンを 釣り上げた! スッポンポン!」 —New Leaf

"I caught the soft-shelled turtle! It's butt-naked!" (translation)

「スッポンを 釣り上げた! 月と スッポン!」 —New Leaf

"I caught the soft-shelled turtle! Its shell is the moon!" (translation)
Soft-shelled Turtle
Scientific name Pelodiscus sinensis
Family Trionychoia
Time of year August to September
Time of day 4pm-9am
Location Unknown
Catch size Unknown
Shadow size Medium
Rarity Rare
Sale price 3,750 Bells
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Japan Suppon (スッポン?)
Flag of France small Tortue trionyx
Flag of Italy small Apalone ferox
Flag of Germany small Weichschildkröte

The Soft-shelled Turtle is a new "fish" introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Donating to the Museum

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish.

"These relatives of common turtles will not let go when they decide to bite down on something. Although they can be quite shy, they will become a bit aggressive when threatened. They are often found in water and are very good swimmers because of the flat shape of their shells. They swim with their snouts over the surface of the water so they can breathe. Soft-shelled turtles aren't safe to hold because they are so prone to biting at the slightest movement. However, if one bites down on you, it will usually let go when you put it safely back in the water."

Encyclopedia Information

New Leaf



Further information

This turtle has found its way into many lakes and rivers around the world. Native to brackish water (water that is freshwater but salty), the species has done surprisingly well throughout a diverse array of other habitats. Due to the introduction of this species in many parts of Asia, it has become a considerable food source.

It is a nocturnal feeder that attacks and eats fish, crustaceans, insects and molluscs.

It is similar to the Northern Softshell Turtle which inhabits mainland Asia.

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