Sporty essence
スポーティーのもと Supōthī no moto
PC-ItemIcon-sporty essence

Type Crafting material
Stackable Up to 999
Availability Bud, Butch, Charlise, Cheri, Flip, Hopkins, Jay, Kid Cat, Moe, Peewee, Tad,
Shovelstrike Quarry,
Timed Goals or Stretch Goals,
Log-In Bonus
Sell price 50 Bells
Regional names Flag of Germany small Sportessenz
Flag of Italy small Essenza sportiva

Sporty essence is a crafting material found in Pocket Camp. It can be obtained via: completing quests for Bud, Butch, Charlise, Cheri, Flip, Hopkins, Jay, Kid Cat, Moe, Peewee, or Tad; collecting from the Shovelstrike Quarry; completing Timed Goals or Stretch Goals; a Log-In Bonus. The Sporty essence is identified by its potion shape, green liquid seen inside, and a basketball label on the front.

Uses of sporty essence

Uses of Sporty essence
Name Image Sell price Materials needed Crafting time
white lattice fence
PC-FurnitureIcon-white lattice fence 350 Bells 120 wood
3 sporty essence
2,330 Bells
6 hours
metal bench
PC-FurnitureIcon-metal bench 320 Bells 120 steel
3 sporty essence
2,050 Bells
7 hours
green net
PC-FurnitureIcon-green net 560 Bells 60 steel
60 cotton
3 sporty essence
1,740 Bells
10 hours
sleeping bag
PC-FurnitureIcon-sleeping bag 392 Bells 80 cotton
3 sporty essence
1,840 Bells
8 hours
striped screen
PC-FurnitureIcon-stripe screen 2,979 Bells 4 sporty essence
150 wood
2 sparkle stones
10,190 Bells
21 hours
stripe bed
PC-FurnitureIcon-stripe bed 404 Bells 60 cotton
60 steel
3 sporty essence
1,810 Bells
12 hours