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アクリル Acryl
Stella NL
""100% Natural Fiber.""
Gender Personality Species
Female Normal Sheep
Birthday April 9th (Aries)
Initial phrase baa-dabing
Initial clothes Aurora Knit
Skill Magic tricks
Goal Professor
Coffee Kilimanjaro,
Lots of milk,
3 spoonfuls of sugar
Favorite song Only Me
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+, NL
Regional names Flag of France small Bigoudi
Flag of Germany small Stella
Flag of Spain Merina
Flag of Italy small Merina

"...Who knows where life might take me? Someday, I might move to another town, and I'll take my letters with me."
— Stella, Animal Crossing
Stella (アクリル, Acryl?) is a normal sheep villager from the Animal Crossing series. Her name comes from the Latin word "stella" which means star. Her initial phrase is a pun on the phrase "badabing" to match her species. Stella appeared in all games up to Animal Forest e+, but was removed from Wild World onwards. She was however found in the data for Happy Home Designer.

Stella returned to the series in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, as part of the Welcome Amiibo update. By scanning amiibo cards this villager can be met via the campground and invited to the town.


Stella is a pale sheep with a purplish pink wool coat. Her eyes are closed and she has a small smile. She also has pink blush. Her scarf is striped pale blue, pale yellow, and white. She initially wears Aurora Knit. She has a slightly changed appearance from the Animal Forest, where she had a nose, orange blush and darker fur and wool.

Stella's artwork in Animal Forest


Below is a brief description of the normal personality. For more information, click here.
Stella has a normal personality, and frequently acts kind towards the player. Normal villagers generally get along with lazy, peppy, smug, snooty and other normal villagers. She may conflict with cranky and uchi villagers. As a normal villager, Stella will usually wake up at 6:00 am, and is easier to befriend than most. Both normal and peppy villagers reference an unseen friend known as Moppina.


Stella's home has many instruments in her house including a piano, a metronome, a harp, and a violin. She also has some regal furniture. There is also a Mega Sputnoid, as well as a Rare Painting and a Moving Painting. Her carpet is Daisy Meadow and the wallpaper is Meadow Vista.


Stella's Mobile Home

amiibo Card

Welcome amiibo Card
W Amiibo card back
#07 Stella
Basket Chair HHD Icon Bowl Sink HHD Icon Classic Screen HHD Icon Natural Low Table HHD Icon Round Pillow HHD Icon
Sewing Machine HHD Icon Stack of Clothes HHD Icon Yarn Basket HHD Icon
Wallpaper and Flooring
Rose Wall HHD Icon Herringbone Floor HHD Icon
W Amiibo 07 Stella
06 Hornsby #07 Stella 08 Tybalt


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