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A stereotype is a feature of villager speech in City Folk. Similar to rumors in New Leaf, villagers will start to talk to the player about how players from other towns and other player characters on the same console dress or act. The stereotype usually has something to do with what they do or what they wear. For example, "[player] seems so nice, they seems like such a [stereotype]!" Villagers will hold stereotypes to people from other towns. They will also start to talk about other villagers to the player. 

If they get to know the player better, they will remark on the things that they do as well. For example, "[player name] is really great! They are such a [hobby]! I'm really glad I met that crazy kid from [Town Name]!"

List of Stereotypes

Each stereotype is either from an activity that the player does a lot, or from what they wear.

Title Reason
Witchlette wearing Witch clothing
Bell-pincher holding many Bells or a slingshot
Angelface Wearing a Halo
Bridezilla Wearing Bride clothing
Party Peep Interacting with villagers frequently
Broke Joker Having a low amount of Bells
Fishing Fan Frequently fishing
Flyswatter Frequently catching bugs
Bloom Bud/Flower Girl Frequently watering flowers
Average Joe Frequently trading with villagers
Parasol Girl Using umbrellas often
Tree Shaker Shaking trees frequently
Early Bird Playing early in the day
Raindrop Playing while raining
World Traveler Time traveling frequently
Pro Listener Interacting with villagers frequently
Bell Hoarder Large number of Bells in the bank