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I caught a scorpion! It looks kinda crabby to me...

The stunners, a fanmade term given to two aggressive bugs, are rare species that prowl the town during summer nights: the scorpion and the tarantula.

They both sell for 8,000 Bells, and will chase the player if they threaten them with a net, but flee if another tool is on hand. Missing with the net or chasing the bug and taking the net out will cause them to chase the player, and if they "bite" them, the player will start seeing orange stars and fall with typical Game Over style music. Once "attacked", the player will wake up on the doorstep of their house.

Either bug will persistently chase the player, regardless of whether the net is put away halfway through the pursuit. Both travel as fast as the player, and cannot be outrun; the only escape is to either get bitten, catch them, or cause them to fall into water.

Two popular techniques for catching these insects are as follows; the first is to take position on the upper level of the town and pull out the net so that the bug makes chase, but gets stuck on the level below. In this scenario it is possible to "kite" the bug up the ramp within range of the net, however, the Tarantula can jump the tip of the ramp, so caution is advised. The second is simple; the player should take out the net before the bug has noticed them (if a player runs near the bug without a net it will see them and flee, and after this point it will attack straight away if the player equips the net; however, if not spooked, it will not make chase until the player either misses or runs) and creep slowly towards it.

If a player touches a tarantula or scorpion while walking or running, the bug will be squashed under the player's feet and will disappear. If both the tarantula and the scorpion are caught and donated to the Museum they can be seen fighting each other in the insect exhibit.