チャマジ Chamaji
Gender Personality Species
Male Lazy Goat
Birthday Unknown (Unknown)
Initial phrase buh-uh-ud
Initial clothes Desert Camo
Favorite song K.K. Western
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+

Sven (チャマジ, Chamaji?) is a lazy goat villager from the Animal Crossing series. He only appears in the older versions of Animal Crossing.


Sven is a blue goat with white horns, hooves, and tail. He wears the 'Desert Camo' as his initial shirt. He has the appearance of an old man, with bushy-white drooping eyebrows and a white mustache.


Below is a brief description of the lazy personality. For more information, click here

Sven has a lazy personality, meaning he will mostly talk about food and sleeping. He will conflict with jock villagers due to his lack of exercise and carefree lifestyle.


He has a general 'wild west' theme, with multiple Conestoga wagons, a campfire, and a gyroid. He plays K.K. Western when has a stereo. His western theme suggests his age. In Animal Forest, he has an Asian themed home. If Sven has a stereo, it will be playing Imperial K.K or K.K. Folk.

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