Wild World Taxi Exterior

The taxi in Wild World

The taxi is a form of transport in the Animal Crossing series, used only in the opening of Wild World.

The taxi is where the player starts the game. It takes on the appearance of a typical London-style black cab (although the steering wheel is on the left seat, even though the game is made in Japan). Inside, it takes on a simple design, with a glass partition separating Kapp'n, the driver in the front, and the player, the passenger in the back. The dashboard is fitted with the usual car controls, and in front of the windshield is a figurine of Kapp'n in his boat from Animal Crossing.

Unlike with the train and bus of other games, it is Kapp'n who interviews the player during the journey, not Rover. During this conversation with Kapp'n, the player will input their name, confirm their gender, their appearance, and input the town's name. Once the conversation is over, the taxi will arrive in the town, in front of the Town Hall, where the player will get off and it will depart.

Unless a player decides to move to another town, or if another player is created, the taxi won't be seen again.


  • Sometimes, when the taxi ride ends, the figurine of Kapp'n and his boat will fall over right before the taxi arrives at its destination.
  • The taxi makes an appearance in Smashville in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where it can be seen driving past the Town Hall periodically.
  • The steering wheel is on the left, like in countries that drive on the right. However, in Japan, where the game was made, they drive on the left. The steering wheel is the same in the Japanese version. It was also the same way in the movie and is the same on the bus in Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City.