This article is about the telephone in the attic. For the fortune-telling phone, the Lovely Phone, see Lovely Series.

The Telephone is located in the attic of the house in Wild World and City Folk. It can be accessed at any time, but it is easier to access it when the player is at the "choose a player" screen. 

RUU 0159

The phone in City Folk located to the right.

Functions of the telephone

The Reset Clock

This is used to change the time of the game or the date. This carries with it all normal risks of time traveling, including wilted flowers, moved villagers, and the growth of weeds.

Set Sound

This function allows the player to change sound settings within the game. In addition to choosing between mono and stereo sound, the player can also select the spoken language of the villagers, having a choice between Animalese, Bebebese and Silence.

The Downloads

This allows the player to choose connectivity settings, including the appearance of Blanca in the town, as well as downloadable content. As of May 20th, 2014, this function no longer works due to the closure of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.