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ボルト Boruto
"Rules were made to be broken."
Gender Male
Personality Smug
Species Penguin
Birthday October 6th
Star sign Libra
Initial phrase picante
Initial clothes Blue Letter Jacket
Coffee Kilimanjaro,
Regular milk,
2 spoonfuls of sugar
Favorite song K.K. Metal
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Flag of France small Émilien
Flag of Italy small Freddy
Flag of Spain Torneo
"Heh heh heh. Whatever the reason seems you've set him on fire, picante."
— Tex, Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Tex (ボルト, Boruto) is a smug penguin villager that appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. His name is similar to Tux the Penguin, the mascot of Linux.


Tex is a male white and blue penguin. He has a gray beak and black feet. His eyes are half open, and have dull red circles around them. He initially wears the Blue Letter Jacket.


Below is a brief description of the smug personality. For more information, click here.

Tex has a smug personality. This means he will appear kind and gentlemanly when in conversation with the player. On numerous occasions, he will flirt with the player and admire them. Tex will occasionally talk about being into niche hobbies, like being a train fanatic or collecting plastic bottle caps. He is very interested in fashion and will mention it often in conversations and letters.


On his stereo, he has K.K. Metal playing. This matches the metal accents on his pieces from the sleek furniture set.

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