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"Tea is a cup of life."
Gender Female
Personality Normal
Species Elephant
Birthday November 18
Star sign Scorpio
Initial phrase teacup
Initial clothes Garden Tee
Coffee Mocha,
Regular milk,
Two spoonfuls of sugar
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Japan ティーナ (Tina)
Flag of Italy small Fanny
Flag of France small Fanny

Tia (ティーナ, Tina) is a normal elephant villager who appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Similar to how Tucker seems to be based on a mammoth, Tia seems to be based on a teapot. Her catchphrase supports this as well as her English name, which sounds similar to "Tea".


Tia has a white body with a wavy yellow headband around her head, topped off with a ball. There are two blue flower-like markings on each side of her face on the cheeks like blush. The inside of her trunk is brown. She has blue tipped hands and feet. She resembles a teapot.

She has a slight resemblance to Margie.


Below is a brief description of the normal personality. For more information, click here.

Like most normal villagers, Tia will be very sensitive and kind. She will be easily upset or offended by other villagers, particularly snooty or cranky villagers. She enjoys the usual hobbies, which are fashion, bug catching, fishing, and furniture. She will get along well with other normal villagers and peppy villagers, appearing mother-like in conversation.


Tia has the Blue Wall and the Rococo Floor in her house, along with the Regal bed and lamp, the minimalist dresser, the sink/kitchen sink, the pine table, a tea set and a plant. She has K.K. Marathon playing on her Phonograph. 

Tina's house

Tia's house

Tia's Roomz

Tia's House

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