Type Tool
Stackable Unknown
Availability Bought
Appearances Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf
Regional names Flag of France small Chrono
Flag of Italy small Cronometro
The timer is a tool in the Animal Crossing series. It first appeared in Wild World. It can be used as a countdown timer depending on the use the player has for it.


The use depends entirely on the player. The timer can be set to time in 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes. When in use in City Folk, the timer will notice how many fish or bugs have been caught during the time it was activated, and will reveal the total when it has finished. This includes the number of fish and bugs caught by other players over Wi-Fi who are visiting the town. In New Leaf, it will count how many Deep-Sea Creatures have been caught as well as fish and bugs.


In both Wild World and City Folk, the timer can be purchased from Tom Nook's Store for 500 Bells. Unlike other tools, there are no silver or gold variations.

In New Leaf, the timer can be purchased from all Nookling Stores except for Nookling Junction for 500 Bells.


  • If the timer is activated in both Wild World and City Folk and the game is reset, the timer will still be activated when the player restarts the game.
  • During the time that K.K. Slider is playing at The Roost in Wild World and City Folk, Brewster will comment on turning off the timer before the show starts.