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Tortimer's Vacation
Appearance Animal Forest e+, Animal Crossing
Occurs Random day in January or February
Special character N/A

Tortimer's Vacation is an optional event in Animal Crossing. Tortimer goes on vacation and needs the player to light the Lighthouse between 6:00 P.M. and 10:00 P.M. The player is given the option to do this and can decline.


The Lighthouse can be lit by going through the back-door of the Lighthouse, which is only accessible once the task has been accepted. Inside the Lighthouse, the player will see a switch which must be pulled by pressing 'A' which will switch on the light. If this is done correctly each day for a week, Tortimer will reward the player with a Lighthouse model after the week outside the player's house, even though he does not mention a reward when giving the player the task. When he greets the player, he soon reveals he went to "A luxurious hot springs resort." After doing so he then proceeds and hands over the model. After he hands the model to the player, he again mentions the resort saying he brought the lighthouse trinket back from the resort as a gift to the player.

Tortimer's Vacation

Tortimer telling the player he needs a vacation.

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