Mushroom decor

A mushroom decor

Town Decorations are a feature only in Animal Forest e+. To get a decoration, the player must pay Tom Nook and then the decoration will appear at a signpost spot.

They are similar to the Town Fund in City Folk, when the player would hand over Pelly or Phyllis their given Bells. It would contribute to the town, to receive e.g. a bridge, fountain, and lighthouse or windmill. 

The town decorations may have been an influence for New Leaf. As this idea could've been manufactured to create Public Works Projects, decorations that can be setted up by Lloid in town to be funded by the player or villagers. In fact, many of the decorations from Animal Forest e+ reappeared as Public Works Projects.

Regular Decorations

Town decorations that are marked with an "X" are of those that have reappeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf as Public Works Projects.

Website Only

The following three decorations could only be obtained via a code on the official website.