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Service Town Centerpiece
Provides Town Events
Hours Open 24/7
Appearances NL
Regional names Flag of Germany small Festplatz
Flag of France small Place
Town ordinance hours
Early Bird Unknown
Night Owl Unknown
133 - Animal Crossing New Leaf (3DS) - Town Tree

The Plaza (often referred to as the Events Plaza or Town Tree) is the Town center piece in New Leaf, replacing the plaza outside the Town Hall in previous games. The plaza holds the Town Tree which is planted at the beginning of the game by the player who becomes the mayor, during a ceremony to mark the occasion.


Many events occur in the plaza. Bug-Off and the Fishing Tourney are two regularly occurring events that take place in the plaza, while special events such as New Year's Eve, Festivale and the Harvest Festival, take place once a year. Redd can be found inside his tent, selling paintings and sculptures in the plaza. Gracie also stands there for her fashion checks.

When there are no events happening in the town, villagers may be found by it, either sitting on the wall surrounding it once it is tall enough, or talking in the plaza.

Once the tree has grown to be a reasonable size, the player can sit on the wall of the town tree and recap the game's events, such as the establishment of the town and public works projects, and villagers who moved into the town, however it will not recap villagers that have moved out.

Town Tree

Plaza town-tree-no-leaves-november

A stage 4 town tree in late November with only a single leaf hanging on the tree.

During the course of the game, the Town Tree will grow larger the longer the game is played. The rate of growth is determined by the number of hours and unique days the player has spent playing the game.

Other than the ceremony at the beginning of the game, events do not directly reference the Town Tree or involve it during the festivities. Villagers will bring up topics about the tree's growth, and will mention it in conversations that are initiated by the player.

The tree has eight major stages of growth throughout the game.


Number of days/Hours played

1 1/1 Appears as a small tree with a single cluster of leaves.
2 5/5 Appears as a small tree with two clusters of leaves.
3 20/20 Appears as a tree with three clusters of leaves from the front, similar to the non-cedar trees in town.
4 50/50 Appears as a tree with five clusters of leaves from the front. From this stage on, the player will be able to sit on the planter box under the tree to view the town's history. Also it no longer looks like a tree with brown leaves with a snow cover on them. it loses leaves in fall and gets it back in late February like the other trees.
5 100/100 Appears as a larger tree with ten clusters of leaves, with a vine creeping up from the base of the trunk.
6 180/180
7 300/300
8 500/500 Appears as a very large tree with approximately seventeen clusters of leaves. Additional vines also encircle the trunk. The trunk covers the entire planting pot.

From November and all through the winter season, the town tree will start to lose all its leaves gradually. Once Spring season arrives, the leaves will start growing back on the tree to the stage it was before. During the winter, the trunk will still grow as defined in the above section.


Tree Stages


  • Face cut-out standees (e.g., from Starcrossed DaySummer Solstice, and Obon), and displays such as Pave's during Festivale vary in size.
  • Any items that are left on the ground and in the way of the cut-outs, booths, etc will be sent to the Police Station via lost-and-found system after the building is completed.

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