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Catching a boot(lol)

A player catching a boot in the ocean

Trash in the Animal Crossing series refers to three worthless items that can be caught by the player while fishing but also other priceless items. Empty cans, boots and tires cannot be sold for any Bells, hurt the town's status and simply take up pocket space. Games prior to Animal Crossing: New Leaf allow the player to conveniently dispose of trash for free. In New Leaf, Re-Tail will charge a disposal fee per item, but the player can still use alternative disposal sites.


There are three types of trash that can be caught.

Empty Can

"Nasty! You can't throw that back in!" —Animal Crossing
"You CAN't litter!" —Wild World
"This isn't a's a CAN'T" —City Folk
"I caught an empty can! Aw, maaaan..." —New Leaf
Can (Wild World)
Can (Wild World icon)
Rusted Can
GCN games Animal Crossing: Wild World Animal Crossing: City Folk Animal Crossing: New Leaf


"Gross! Put your foot down and say NO to littering!" —Animal Crossing
"I caught a boot! Keep our waters clean!" —Wild World
"I caught a boot! I hope someone lost this and DIDN'T TOSS IT HERE!!!" —City Folk
"I caught a boot! Now where's your mate?" —New Leaf
Boot (Wild World)
Boot (Wild World icon)
GCN games Animal Crossing: Wild World Animal Crossing: City Folk Animal Crossing: New Leaf


"Did this come from Gracie's car?!" —Animal Crossing and Wild World
"Whose car did this come from?" —City Folk
"I caught an old tire! It was just treading water..." —New Leaf
Tire (Wild World)
Tire (Wild World icon)
Old Tire
GCN games Animal Crossing: Wild World Animal Crossing: City Folk Animal Crossing: New Leaf


In Animal Forest and Animal Crossing

Trash is much less common in these games, and does not appear at all while the player's pockets are full.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World and City Folk

Flies, newly added in Animal Crossing: Wild World, can now be found hovering around discarded trash.

Trash (Wild World)

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

When a player fishes out trash, they can bring the refuse to Reese in Re-Tail, who will collect a recycling fee of 80 Bells per piece. Flies can still be caught from setting out trash on the ground.

Alternatively, the player can use one of the many trash bin furniture items to dispose of garbage for free. A garbage can also be suggested and built as a Public Works Project, which serves the same purpose.

However, the player can stop trash altogether by selecting the Keep (Town Name) Beautiful Ordinance. From the day after it is selected and onwards, no trash will be found.


  • Trash exists in the games to increase the player's awareness of water pollution.
  • When trash is caught in Animal Crossing, the player's character says that you caught it, instead of them catching it. This is because the player's character breaking is the fourth wall, because they appear to be talking to the person playing.
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