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The Tropical Seas (also known as the Island Ocean) is a body of water in the Animal Crossing series. It surrounds the Island on all sides, and is similar to the ocean.

The Island Ocean does not appear in Wild World or City Folk, due to the lack of an Island in both games altogether.


In Dōbutsu No Mori +Animal Crossing, and Animal Forest e+

In Animal Forest +, Animal Crossing, and Animal Forest e+, the water is referred to as the Island Ocean and it functions in exactly the same as the ocean that is found in the player's Town. Fish that can be caught in the ocean can be caught while on the Island.

In New Leaf

Island ocean NL

A picture of some players enjoying the islands ocean.

In New Leaf, the Island Ocean is known as the Tropical Seas and functions differently to that of the ocean.

Aesthetically, it is a lighter, brighter shade of blue, giving it a more warm, tropical feel, with calmer-looking waves, making it look more enticing overall.

Exclusive Creatures

Fishing in the Tropical Seas is the only way to catch the Giant Trevally, Ribbon Eel, and Whale Shark, while diving is the only way to catch the Giant Isopod and Spotted Garden Eel. As well as this, other forms of rare fish and seafood which can be found in the town ocean are much more common.

Jellyfish also inhabit the tropical seas and are hazard when diving for deep-sea creatures.

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