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Using a Tweeter

A player using a tweeter.

A tweeter is a type of party tool in Animal Crossing: New Leaf like a paper party blower. When used, it causes the player's avatar to blow into it, spreading the papers like a paper party blower. The built-in microphone can also be blown into to use this item. It is obtained from visitors in the Happy Home Showcase that have been StreetPassed nine or ten times.

Tweeter glitch

Main article: Glitch

The tweeter can be used to perform a special glitch that allows the player to walk through solid objects (the throwing beans can also be used). The way to perform the glitch is as follows:

Requirements: A visitor in the player's town.

  1. The player must go to an area they cannot walk into. (river, train tracks, etc.)
  2. Then they have to get the visitor to push the player while they are blowing on the tweeter.
  3. The player will then be able to walk inside the obstacle.

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