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I always thought it was Ellie Gouldling, rather than Goulding. whoops! ~HOA (talk) 03:38, July 2, 2014 (UTC)

You will die a lonely death for this.

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G-Bot Atlantis V1


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  February 11, 2014


  Elena and Jasper



  "In My City" by Ellie Goulding


  Apple Sprite Bud Sprite Bunnie Sprite Charlise Sprite Diana Sprite Groucho Sprite Kitt Sprite Tammi Sprite Zell Sprite

  Apple Sprite Beau Sprite Chief Sprite Diana Sprite Fang Sprite Flurry Sprite Lolly Sprite Marshal Sprite Rosie Sprite

  Alice Sprite Bunnie Sprite Coach Sprite Groucho Sprite Willow Sprite

  Chops Sprite Phoebe Sprite Alice Sprite Willow Sprite Coach Sprite Tucker Sprite

  Chops Sprite Coach Sprite Tucker Sprite


About Atlantis:

Atlantis is a major work in progress. It is currently being laid out. The town will be split into an urban half and a rural half. The town’s name, “Atlantis,” derives from the song “Atlantis” by Ellie Goulding.


1. Running is prohibited in all areas but pathways. Avoid running near flowers in order to preserve them.
2. Do not attempt to convince one of Atlantis’s residents to move to your village unless you are granted permission.
3. Do not remove paths, dig holes, move flowers, chop trees, or modify Atlantis’s terrain in any way unless permission is given.
4. Stealing items on the ground is illegal.
5. Do not litter.
6. All birds, bulls, chickens, eagles, goats, gorillas, hippopotami, mice, and octopi are banned from Atlantis. Members of these species that move into Atlantis illegally will be shunned and ignored until they move. We’re trying to run a civilization here.

Sug City

Sug City was my town in Animal Crossing: City Folk, and it was the first Animal Crossing game I've played. I shared it with my sister, who destroyed the town and caused me to quit the game after I purchased Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The town name is based off of my dog, Sugar, a West Highland White Terrier, and our default fruit was cherries. Because this was my first game in the series, we made many mistakes that eventually destroyed the game for me, such as removing all of the grass and neglecting some of my favorite villagers, which caused them to move. My sister and I didn't get along on the upkeep of our town. She continued to destroy all of the grass in our town after I had repeatedly told her to stop, and we often threatened to delete each others' data. After she continually refused to listen to me, I deleted my player with all of my Bells and expensive furniture because I no longer wanted to play the game, and I didn't want her to benefit from my player. From my recollection, some of our villagers were Antonio, Blaire, Bob, Chrissy, Cousteau, Curt, Cyrano, Elmer, Francine, Freckles, Frobert, Gaston, Goldie, Harry, Kiki, Kitty, Kody, Mac, Margie, Mitzi, Pango, Peaches, Peanut, Pudge, Static, and Stinky.

My Queen Ellie Goulding

Here's a beautiful collage of her, my children.


You're # welcome.

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