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"Apple pie is overrated. Pumpkin pie's the real deal. If you don't belive me. . . I. . . Uh. . . You. . . Is that a leprechaun?"
— Jasper, Animal Crossing: City Folk

Gender Male
Personality Lazy
Species Tiger
Birthday February 11th
Initial Phrase "mmrrawwrr"
Initial Clothes Royal Shirt
Picture Quote
(Wild World)
Appearance(s) I wish he was in a game =D

Jasper is a tiger villager from the Animal Crossing: Fan Edition series with a lazy personality. His name means keeper of treasure, referring to his ancestors' royalty; this also explains why he wears a royal shirt, which matches his hypno umbrella. His initial phrase, mmrrawwrr, is the sound a tiger makes.


Jasper Appearance
Jasper Climbing Out a Basket
G-BotAdded by G-Bot

Jasper is a typical orange tiger with black stripes. The top of his ears are white, along with the patches around his eyes and cheeks and his stomach. His smile makes him appear excited and his eyes, large black pupils with aqua blue irises, reveal his youth.

Jasper Personality
Jasper Getting Camera Time
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Below is a brief description of the lazy personality. For more information, click here.

As a lazy villager, Jasper lives a laid-back lifestyle and gets along well with the player. He also enjoys the company of other lazy, peppy, normal, and cranky villagers, but dislikes jock and snooty villagers due to their conflicting lifestyles of exercise and rude comments. Jasper loves food, pumpkin pie in particular. He partakes in all hobbies, and often asks the player for fish because he has an interest for them. Even though he has a passion for fish, he can usually be found with a shovel, having an even greater passion for gyroids, which he collects.


Gorgeous Series
FleurioneAdded by Fleurione
Jasper's house includes most of the items from the Gorgeous Series, including the bed, lamp, chest, couch, table, wallpaper, and flooring. His stereo plays K.K. Casbah and often has a tootoid near his gorgeous chest. Jasper leaves enough space for gifts from others and rarely moves any of the furniture he already has.


"I just can't stand those geeky loafers! All they do is sit around, eat, and play video games- oh wait."
— PJ, Animal Crossing: City Folk

Gender Male
Personality Lazy
Species Horse
Birthday June 6th
Initial Phrase "bleehhhar"
Initial Clothes I Need AC For This One (XMASSSSS)
Picture Quote
(Wild World)
"A couple of cheese puffs here. . . Couple of nachos there. . . MAN, I should start cleaning!"
Appearance(s) None =(

PJ is a lazy horse villager from the Animal Crossing: Fan Edition series. He gets along well with others, especially other lazy, peppy, and normal villagers.


PJ 2
PJ posing for the camera.
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PJ is brown with large, white spots along his back. His blond hair and large, adorable eyes make him appear girly. He has black and brown mixed in with his hair and large ears that protrude from the rest of his body. He is often referred to as the 'marshmallow on hooves'.

PJ 3
So the rumors are true.
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Below is a brief description of the lazy personality. For more information, click here.

As a lazy villager, PJ is calm and friendly to just about everyone. He's laid back and focused on housekeeping, somewhat, video games, bug catching, fishing, and interacting with neighbors. He's proud to be a member of the Multicultural Chip and Dip Club. He is outdoors more often than other lazy villagers, and some rumor it's because he's busy munching on grass. He's very active in the community and always involved in tourneys and competitions of all sorts. Of all things, he enjoys collecting fish and bugs to display within his home, although he's very disorganized.


Animal crossing western theme
PJ's home, but a little more organized.
Kirby128Added by Kirby128
PJ's house contains various items from the western theme. However, he will make acceptions for gifts, especially live ones. His house is always cluttered and a mess, but he says its his 'hoard of treasures, most of which belong in the trash can'.

About me

Gender Female
Personality Peppy
Species Westie
Birthday November 14
Initial Phrase "Woof"
Initial Clothes Nothing
Picture Quote
(Wild World)
"Sniff sniff. . . Sniff sniff sniff."
Appearance(s) The Real World
  • Next to Animal Crossing: City Folk, I play Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Just Dance 3, Super Mario Galaxy, and a few others.
  • I love writing.
  • My favorite Animal Crossing character is Bob. No doubt. My favorite Mario character is Yoshi. Yoshi is awesome.
  • I'm a guy. Just because I play Animal Crossing doesn't mean I'm a girl.
  • I have a Wii.
  • I like taking pictures.
  • Animals fascinate me- especially tigers, dogs, elephants, pandas, and dolphins. (Quite random)
  • I like editing things and I'm not afraid to speak my opinion.
  • I enjoy reading fiction and I love sculptures.
  • I hope to see Rosie in Sug City because she is so cute.
  • My username is G-Bot because Pudge called me that, but then he started calling me bud, then twinkles, and now he calls me big bro. Well lil' bro needs to learn how to use capitalization!
  • Many people think I am considerably insane, so if you're a spammer, as Patric the sea star once said, get preparred for the pillow-fight of your life!
  • Alfonso is officially my symbol! Don't steal it!
  • My dream town would be in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, called Panem (not stealing names from Katniss, it's just an awesome name). The native fruit would be cherries, and the flag would be the capitol symbol. If you can have 10 villagers, they would be Chrissy (or Winnie/Agent S), Rosie, Bob, Alfonso, Blaire, Francine (or Kitty), Kid Cat, Antonio, Lolly, and Chief.

Sug City

Sug City was named after my dog, Sugar, but Sugar City was too long, and she is on the flag. Our native fruit is cherries, and the first villagers are the first six below.

Citizens (Past and Present)


Picture Personality Status My Description
Goldie Goldie3 Normal In

I love her! She's so nice!

Static Static Cranky In

If he moved, I would be so sad!

Chrissy Chrissy Peppy In

So cute! I wish we had another peppy villager.

Pudge Pudge Lazy Moved

Super friendly but creepy looking. I didn't know he was leaving, but I'm kind of glad.

Kitty Kitty Snooty In

Lives right next to me, I'd be really sad if she moved!

Kody Kody Jock Moved

I'm glad he left. I only have room for one jock!

Bob Bob



He's my favorite! He's so funny and friendly!

Kiki Kiki Normal Moved

I'm so sad she moved! She was so nice!

Frobert Frobert



I'm so glad he's finally moving! I hope a peppy villager replaces him!

Francine Francine Snooty Moved

I'm so sad she moved! I really liked her, but I didn't get on for a while.

Gaston Gaston Cranky Moved

He only stayed inside. It annoys me when they do that.

Cyrano Cyrano Cranky Moved

So ugly and nobody liked him! I'm so glad he moved!

Blaire Blaire2 Snooty In

At first I was mad she came because her house is right infront of Able Sisters, but now I love her! She so cute!

Antonio Antonio Jock In

He's one of my two favorite jock villagers, the other being Kid Cat.

Harry Harry Cranky Moved

Ugh! I can't believe we've gotten four cranky villagers and only one peppy! At least he moved.

Freckles Freckles2 Peppy Moved

I never liked her, but at least she's gone now!

Mitzi Mitzi Normal Moved

She replaced Kiki, but I'm glad she left. She's kind of weird.

Peppy Moved

Well, she was peppy, but she was not one that I wanted. I guess I'm glad she moved.

Jock  Moved  

He replaced Kody, and he was worse! He's hideous. I'm glad he left. And he only stayed for a week.

Lazy In

Yes! He's one of my absolute favorite villagers now!

Cousteau the Frog
Jock Moved

I can't say I'm surprised I got him. I'm glad he's gone.

Peaches Peaches Normal In

Meh. She's ugly. I only want one normal villager, too. She's boring and creepy.

Curt Curt Cranky In

Why did I get him? He's a bear, he's cranky, and he looks disgusting. No.

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