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December 9, 2010
  • I live in California
  • My occupation is Being occupied
  • I am a dolphin.

Gender Personality Species
Male Sassy (?) 12% Human, 88% something else. Srsly.
Birthday January 3 th
Initial phrase ...
Initial clothes Tide Usher shirt
Appearances Song of Secoa

— Picture quote, Animal Crossing: Wild World

Painstart dolphinb

Paintstart Dolphin <3.

About me

Did you know? If you type 266a and press Alt+X it makes this: ♪.

Welcome to my page~ I am a long term user of this wiki, and for a while the primarily active admin during the site through the "long, quiet age" between City Folk and New Leaf. My initial contribution was biological; I fixed insect and fish pages, and there was an uneasy amount of blank Scientific Name boxes which I have dealt with. I also work on templates and other coding stuff (though don't ask me for advanced stuff cause I won't be able to comply). The once great legacy of the Fish-Bug organization "FBP" is no longer existant, so stuff related to that should probably be directed to me.

I'm also a pixel artist but, that doesn't really matter...

Papi shop zero lamp

Papi for sale.

I made me a franklin gif steal it and you will die

Boxes of Information

-Kiki - Animal Crossing New Leaf
This user's favorite villager is Freya.
Birdwing Butterfly (New Leaf icon)
This user's favourite bug is the Pine Cricket, Common Dragonfly and Purple Emperor.
Seahorse (Wild World)
This user's favourite fish is the Arowana or Oarfish.
This user plays the Endless Ocean series.

My Sprites (pre 2013)

I sometimes draw my own images to make up for the absence or lack of up-to-date features such as "Old" insects and fish, such as the Ladybug to the left and the Brook Trout and its GCN friends (plus the Herabuna down right somewhere). These are super old, don't judge my art skillz based on these :c

Similarly I will, if I can, cut sprites from games. They are for use on this website (including cutting individual sprites from sheets) and Texture Resource only, but if you wish to use them please ask first.


Animal Crossing: Parkland (Now at Version 3.0)

  • This is the working title for a game I am working on via Game Maker. It is not in development right now. It has seen a lot of changes over the years. The final insect list is seen here. The screenshots you see here are all of old versions of the game. It looks better now.

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