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poor spork D:

~Chief~ March 13, 2013 User blog:~Chief~

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EVERYBODY that i even know that has animal corssing HATES SPORK FOR NO REASON. seriously, and like every video i watch that has spork in it, on the bottom it will say something like I HATE HIM! or least favroite villager. personally, spork is one of my favroite villagers EVER! he was my starting lazy villager, and moved maybe 6 months after. plus he had the same shirt as tutu (heart shirt XD) it was so funny!!!! but does anyone else besides me even LIKE him?? i mean, my BFF never even HAD him or even seen him in the city, and at lunch when i told her i had spork in my town at one point, she was like: OMG! I FEEL SOOOO BAD FOR YOU! DID YOU MAKE PORKCHOPS OUTTA HIM!?!?! IF HE ENDS UP IN MY TOWN ILL SCREAM WITH TERROR! other AC friend: ew, i hate him. other AC friend: huh? who the heck is spork? O_O 

felt like ranting.


loneliness...i feel bad for you...

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