aka a dork that's ready to birdman.

  • I live in in my house full of dorky room mates.
  • I was born on November 5
  • My occupation is being a dork.
  • I am genderfluid, my friend.
  • 13-MINIONLUV-13

    Hi again everyone! 

    Yesterday, Bob moved into my town and Caroline is moving on the 5th of May :( ((Incase you're wondering, Caroline is a squirrel and Bob is a cat)). 

    I just visited Hitokui Village and it's a horror town. ((It's not as creepy as Aika Village though that place makes me shiver ughhh :/)). It's a cannibal town and if you've never heard of it, there are Youtube videos on the internet of Hitokui Village and the dream code is also on the internet. ((I do not own the village)). 

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  • 13-MINIONLUV-13

    Ever since I got Animal Crossing : New Leaf, I've been addicted to it. I've made loads of money on there and bought the Dream Suite, my second public work project. My first was a cut - out standee. 

    I caught loads of types of fish, including sharks and I even got quite a bit of insects. I got the island a few days ago and I bought a Wet Suit. I had looked up town addresses on the internet and came across one called Aika Village. It was the first town I visited on the Dream Suite. 

    It didn't seem creepy at first. The sixth time I visited Aika Village, I started getting a little disturbed. Aika followed me EVERYWHERE I went, and it drove me mad. I found it irritating and disturbing. 

    I went into one of the houses and it had loads of rubbish sca…

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  • 13-MINIONLUV-13

    Bday In 5 Days

    October 31, 2013 by 13-MINIONLUV-13

    And another blog has been created by you're one and only, me! 13-MINIONLUV-13! ((sorry about that random intro)) 

    It's my birthday in 5 days. And I know what I am getting! This may seem silly making a blog based on my birthday, I do apoligise if this sounds really awkward. Plus, todays Halloween! Let the kids go insane!! 

    Well, I know I'm getting several things. But I don't know what my sis is getting for'm getting my first 3ds ((yeah i know..embarassing right?)) I have an old DS and a DSi. I'm getting a few games along with them. Mario Kart 7 ((a huge fan of Mario. That's a fact, kiddos)) and New Leaf ((part of the Animal Crossing merchandise)). I remember getting my first AC game. It was AC:Wild World. To be honest, I found the g…

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  • 13-MINIONLUV-13


    October 21, 2013 by 13-MINIONLUV-13

    Hey guys, I am 13-MINIONLUV-13. In case you're wondering, I'm not underaged for this wiki. I just popped up to say hi to you all. Yeah, I'm new to this wiki. I like Animal Crossing. When I was younger, I found the game quite complicated but I asked my parents if I could have a new game called AC: New Leaf for my birthday. New Leaf looks quite interesting and awesome! I might post a few pictures of my person and my house. I might do, I might not. Sorry if this annoyed you. 


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