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Bday In 5 Days

And another blog has been created by you're one and only, me! 13-MINIONLUV-13! ((sorry about that random intro)) 

It's my birthday in 5 days. And I know what I am getting! This may seem silly making a blog based on my birthday, I do apoligise if this sounds really awkward. Plus, todays Halloween! Let the kids go insane!! 

Well, I know I'm getting several things. But I don't know what my sis is getting for'm getting my first 3ds ((yeah i know..embarassing right?)) I have an old DS and a DSi. I'm getting a few games along with them. Mario Kart 7 ((a huge fan of Mario. That's a fact, kiddos)) and New Leaf ((part of the Animal Crossing merchandise)). I remember getting my first AC game. It was AC:Wild World. To be honest, I found the game quite complicated but New Leaf might be my new addiction judging to all the screenshots and commercials I've seen!

And I'm getting a Purple Blackberry Curve. The newest Blackberry available. 

((To be honest, I cant imagine somebody getting jelly about this stuff)) 

((Fact: November 5th, aka my bday, is known as Guy Fawkes Night or Fireworks Night in the UK, so I get to see fireworks!! Lucky me!))

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