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I Visited Aika Village

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Ever since I got Animal Crossing : New Leaf, I've been addicted to it. I've made loads of money on there and bought the Dream Suite, my second public work project. My first was a cut - out standee. 

I caught loads of types of fish, including sharks and I even got quite a bit of insects. I got the island a few days ago and I bought a Wet Suit. I had looked up town addresses on the internet and came across one called Aika Village. It was the first town I visited on the Dream Suite. 

It didn't seem creepy at first. The sixth time I visited Aika Village, I started getting a little disturbed. Aika followed me EVERYWHERE I went, and it drove me mad. I found it irritating and disturbing. 

I went into one of the houses and it had loads of rubbish scattered about on the floor, she was staring at me and I wanted to turn the game off but I couldn't, because I was dreaming in the game. 

I then went into the book maze house and I pressed the up button, so I saw everything. I saw Aika hiding and I nearly threw my 3DS across the room. I may be a teenager, but this town scared me. Ever since then, I regret visiting it. 

Bye! :)

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