Since Animal Crossing had already been adapted into an anime film, what if the series will also be adapted into a live action/CGI film at some point? If it happens, I would love if that film would be a musical comedy and also I would love if it'd be produced by Village Roadshow Pictures, New Line Cinema, Reel FX (for CGI animal characters) and distributed by Warner Bros. And I made a fan list of actiors/actresses that would do the role.

Live Action Actors

Jim Carrey as a Mayor of Animal Crossing (at first I was thinking that Adam Sandler would do the role of this, but as I posted the idea on Fantendo website, I learned that nobody likes the idea having Sandler in an Animal Crossing movie since he's not really a good actor and producer after most of  his films he did had flopped. I hope that won't be turned into an internet meme as they saw that even though I've already removed that idea)

Voice Actors

Kristen Schaal as Issable

Gilbert Gottfried as Mr. Resetti

Ben Stiller as Tom Nook

Billy Crystal as K.K. Slider

Wayne Knight (speaking voice) and Jim Cummings (singing voice) as Blathers

Zach Braff as Digby

Bill Hader as Tortimer

So what did you think? Can you please think of another or better actor/actress and voice actor/actress that would also do the role for that movie? Comment below please.