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A new wikia??

I am thinking about making a new wikipedia! I would like to make one exactly like NL's but wouldn't it be copying?? Post your opinions below. Also, I need a URL name like (hey, that wuz ok.) so, liek i sed, post opinions b-low. I will have desicion posted when I made up my mind.


  • If I do, I will hire people to make userboxes, and put images on the wikia.
  • Nobody will become rollback/admin/b'crat when they first join. You have to earn it.
  • Me and Imawesome98 will be owners of da site, so he is da only one who will start as an admin.

Before I decide, I will have to talk about it with Imawesome98 (on NLRandom) and he will help me in da process! I will send him a note to meet me in the lobby of my school and we will discuss the new wikia!

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