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My Random Rockers Idea!

I have nothing better 2 do, so I am gonna make a little contest on my wikipedia! The person who makes the most edits (other than me hahaha) will win admin powers or if i no them on wifi, they will receive 10,000 bells and a rare hybrid or 2.

An announcment about Imawesome98

We are not friends anymore. I realized he kept stalking me (a person who loves u and always follows you around) so I keep a FAR distance away! Plus, he made me angry bcuz he does not want 2 join my wiki when he said he would. Grrrrr.

So please comment b4 you join the site/comp so i no whos competeing and to watch and put a section on ur userpage and call it page u made and write them.

To win, you must have

  • more edits than me and NL
  • made lots of pages
  • also made lots of edits to pages made!

This will last until October 24th 2010! PEACE!

The url is

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