If you have Animal Crossing Wild World, there is something special about this game. You can get pictures of animals you become very good friends with. If you have this game and you never got a picture of a character, this is advice on how to get pictures. First, I have 2 characters, Anthony (my brother) and Carmen. We have two pics of Tiffany. Otherwise these all of the pictures we have in order. Apollo, Rhonda, Monique, Tiffany, Aurora, Joey, Frobert, Bunnie, Eloise, Anabelle, Rowan, Lucky, Camofrog, Rolf, and Mitzi. Well here are ways to get their pics, remember this is just advice, so it might not work the way that I did it.

#1. Delivering Letters + Presents

Sometimes Animals will ask you to do deliveries for them. If you want their picture here is what you do. Here is an example. Aurora wants me to deliver a present to Eloise. If you open the present you can not deliver it to the other person. When you go back to Aurora, she will be mad that you opened it. If you do not open it, take it to Eloise. Go back to Aurora and if she asked how they liked it. Tell them that It was AWESOME! They will be happy and give you a reward. If you are asked to deliver a letter, here is what to do. Example: Camofrog wants me to deliver a letter to Rhonda. If you open the letter and take it to either Camofrog or Rhonda they will be mad.Sometimes they will show you the letter so its not worth opening it sometimes.

#2. Hobbies

All animals will be into one of 6 hobbies. Fishing, Bug Catching, Fossil Hunting, Fashion, Gardening or Decorating their house. If you help them with their hobby they will say they are going to get a new hobby and then the next day, they will like one of the 6 things up there. Keep helping them and you should get their picture soon enough.

#3. Talking to them every day.

If you talk to the animal who you are trying to get a picture of, they might want you to buy things off of them or they will ask you questions about them or your character. Even when their sick, give them medicine and send them a get well soon letter with a present. Or send them a letter with a present for no reason at all.

#4. The Emotion

You are probaly thinking what do I mean by the emotion, but when an animal wants you the Exclamation Mark or the Suprised Emotion will come up above their head. If you accidently hit them with a net or you run from them, they won't want you anymore . They might give you a picture so if you see someone walk by them and see if they want you. If not talk to them and see how they are doing.

This was my picture advice. If you get a picture using my advice tell me and let me know whos pic you got. Feel free to write anything on any of my pages. AgentCarmen12, peace! 20:55, September 29, 2010 (UTC)