Hey peeps! Carmen speaking and I wanted to use this blog for ideas and questions about the wiki. Here is my question.

  1. I have a school newspaper that about 300-400 kids get in my school. Should I write an article about my Wiki?? If you say yes, I will show you all the article before I send it.

Here are some of my ideas

  1. We make a section about game reviews for games like Wipeout (fun) or Just Dance 2 (awesome game!) I will need help with it but I don't think it will be to hard.
  2. COMPETITIONS! I have one up between A99 and Rockky the Puppy, my BFF in the real world, and we need one more person. Who shall it be? Hopefully whoever reads this!

K thats it for now! I will add more eventually. Gonna play New Super Maria Bros for the Wii with SoulSilver187 then look for his Pokemon game. Please comment below on my ideas and question and hurry and post about the newspaper. The deadline for the article would be January 19th (i think) and also PLEASE JOIN MY COMP ON THE RRWIKI. Here is the link to the site (