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Hey guys! I just wanted to write that I am still tring to get a friend code on ACWW. I am not doing well, so I am getting help soon so you can visit both of my towns!

20 minutes later......

I got it! I have 2 girls on ACWW, Amber and Carmen, so I am gonna post Carmen's FC and if anyone wants Amber (my new girl)'s friend code also, let me know and PLEASE post your friend code and town info also. I am making a flower shop in my house which has Orange Pansies, Black Tulips, Orange Roses, and Pink Cosmos so far, but it is not ready yet. Also, if you have rare flowers, I will buy them from you for my flower shop!

Carmen's Info

Name: Carmen

Town: Exeter

Friend Code: 3567-6825-2703

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